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The Conversation: An Economic Recovery Guide

A roadmap to Hawaii's economic recovery; WiFi on Wheels helps students in disadvantaged communities; Will Hawaii's tourism plan work?; Connecting caregivers to seniors in need; Celebrating Queen Liliuokalani's music

A roadmap to Hawaii's economic recovery

The University of Hawaii will announce today a new program to train unemployed workers with new job skills. The program, called Oahu Back To Work, is funded by CARES Act money from the City & County of Honolulu and is free for participants. (Click here to learn more info about the program.) It's a new program born from the Hawaii Executive Collaborative's Roadmap to Economic Recovery. Terry George of the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation and HEC tells us how they developed the roadmap and how it's already making an impact. Click hereto read HEC's "From Today to Tomorrow: A Talent Roadmap to Support Economic Recovery."

Terry George, President and CEO, Harold K.L. Castle Foundation, and Hawaii Executive Collaborative's Education Committee Chair

Credit Ashley Mizuo/HPR

WiFi on Wheels helps students in disadvantaged communities

Online access has become vital for Hawaii children, now more than ever. COVID-19 has meant distance learning for most of Hawaii's students. However, not everyone has reliable internet access, but WiFi on Wheels is a new effort on Oahu to bring the internet to westside families to help their kids learn and thrive. The program uses two vans to drive around the Waianae area, delivering internet to the students who need it.

HPR Reporter Ashley Mizuo

Will Hawaii's tourism plan work?

The state's pre-travel testing program is set to launch next month, but other destinations with similar programs have struggled to keep COVID-19 cases from spiking. Civil Beat Reporter Brittany Lyte tells us more about the program and what's at stake. Click here to read the story at CivilBeat.org.  

Civil Beat Reporter Brittany Lyte

Connecting caregivers to seniors in need

The Caregiver Foundation has been around here in Hawaii for 12 years now. The need for support for caregivers has only grown over that time with our aging population. Executive director Gary Powell tells us about its efforts to connect with those essential workers in our community. Click here to learn more about The Caregiver Foundation and call the caregiver phone support line at (808) 622-9004. Click here or call (808) 625-3782 for The Caregiver Foundation's silent auction, which has been extended to Sept. 30. 

Gary Powell, executive director, The Caregiver Foundation

Credit Mana Music

Celebrating Queen Liliuokalani's music

This month we marked the birthday of Hawaii's Queen Liliuokalani, so it's fitting we throw the spotlight on her music. Foru symphony musicians were so moved by the songs she wrote they compiled a new album honoring her legacy. Internationally known violinists Eric Silberger and Mann-Wen Lo were here performing in a music festival just as the pandemic shutdown was ordered. We talked to Josh Nakazawa of Mana Music and Duane Padilla, who is no stranger to Hawaii Public Radio, about how the idea to celebrate Queen Liliuokalani's compositions was born. Click hereto purchase the album.

Josh Nakazawa of Mana Music and Duane Padilla

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