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Different Perspectives on Adult Use Cannabis Legalization

From Franz Eugen Köhler's Medizinal-Pflantzen
Wikipedia Public Domain

The marketplace for Medical Cannabis turned another corner this week allowing out-of-state patients to register to buy products from Hawaii dispensaries. But this session, state lawmakers shot down a bill to legalize marijuana.  Proponents however believe this was actually the first time  the bill got a hearing and was advanced in the Senate.

Not surprisingly, law enforcement agencies lined up against passage--but support for decriminialzation is growing including a nod from the Democratic Party. Republicans are against the move.  Hawaii can look to the mis-steps of other states which have legalized pot.

Today's panel guests are:

  • HPD Deputy Chief John McCarthy
  • Carl Bergquist, Executive Director of Drug Policy Forum of Hawai`i
  • Christopher Garth, Executive Director?, Hawai‘i Dispensary Alliance?

What does the data tell us, what can we learn?  Is it a matter of time before attitidues about marijuana change? Let us know what you think by calling 808-792-8217 or by writing to

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Catherine Cruz is the host of The Conversation. Originally from Guam, she spent more than 30 years at KITV, covering beats from government to education. Contact her at
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