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The Conversation: Monday, September 11th, 2017


Peace and 9/11; Climate Change and Extreme Weather; ‘Orphan Master’s Son’ Author

Climate Change and Extreme Weather

Steve Businger & Camilo Mora

Credit U.S. Navy / Flickr
A satellite image of Hurricane Irma approaching the Caribbean Sea.

Two catastrophic hurricanes within a week of one another, wildfires in the Western US and 100-degree temperatures in California have many asking about possible connections to climate change.

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Adam Johnson, Author of ‘Orphan Master’s Son’

Adam Johnson

Credit Wikimedia Commons
Adam Johnson

There’s a human story behind all the nuclear bluster we hear out of North Korea, but it’s not an easy one to tell. 

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Celebrating Peace on 9/11

Jeannie Lum

Credit DMZ111 / Flickr

International Peace Day is celebrated every year on September 21st, ten days after 9/11. Local celebrations begin this week.   

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Civil Beat Reality Check

Nathan Eagle

Credit Alana Eagle / Civil Beat
Civil Beat
Kira Hughes, project manager at Ruth Gates’ lab, checks on the “super corals” they are growing in Kaneohe Bay.

Scientists from around the world are working to reverse the dramatic die-offs of coral reefs, and say their efforts could provide us with clues for our own survival.      

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