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The Conversation: Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Wikimedia Commons

Telemedicine and The Last Job in Hawaii; Exploring the Undersea Remains of WWII; The Creation of a New Musical Instrument  

Exploration of Japanese WWII Submarine: Dr. Hans Van Tilburg

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Credit NOAA Marine Sanctuaries
A Japanese mini sub sunk during WWII of Oahu. The sub explored yesterday by NOAA contains human remains and live ordnance

This week Hawaii has been revisiting a history that abruptly veered into war with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. As part of the commemoration, submersibles have been exploring what’s left of the ships sunk during the attack - and yesterday, of the two Japanese mini submarines that were part of it. One still has the bodies of its two crew members inside. NOAA maritime archeologist and historian Hans Van Tilburg was part of the exploration team and he joins us now.

Intro Music: You Only Like Me With the Lights Out by Avid Dancer
Outro Music: Silent State Optimizer by Leech

Creation of a New Hybrid Instrument: Kilin Reece

Kilin Reece

Credit KR Strings
Kilin Reece's new instrument combines facets of the mandolin, guitar, ukulele and banjo

The musical history of Hawaii is filled with the sounds of stringed instruments: not only the slack-key guitar and the ukulele, but the mandolin, banjo, and the fiddle…  Guitarist and instrument builder Kilin Reece’s research into that history -- and into the time when Hawaiian musicians were some of the most influential in the country -- has brought him some exciting discoveries, and has inspired him to create a new hybrid instrument.

Intro Music: Scarlet Town by Chris Thile
Outro Music: Even Better Than The Real Thing by U2

Civil Beat Reality Check: Worker’s Compensation

Chad Blair

Credit John Hill/Civil Beat
Hawaii residents have serious issues with the State's Workers' Compensation program

Every year, 20 thousand Hawaii employees file workers’ compensation claims. Many who have been though the process say the system is broken. And now the state may be closer to agreeing with them.

Intro Music: Even After All by Finley Quaye
Outro Music: I Feel It by Avid Dancer

Last Job in Hawaii - Telemedicine: Dr. Jim Barahal

Jim Barahal

Credit Noah Matteucci
Will telemedicine be a major disruptor in the field of healthcare? Or just another niche technological tool?

Hawaii has a longstanding issue with its doctor shortage.  For years, we’ve heard the state is hundreds short of doctors for a population of Hawaii’s size. Add to that the fact that of the total 8605 standard physician’s licenses granted, almost 48 percent of them are held by mainland or foreign docs. That’s according to the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division's Geographic Report from last month. And it seems to make the point of Dr. Jim Barhal that while we may try to get more docs in Hawaii, telemedicine may in fact be undercutting that effort. It’s ironic to hear him say that as he is the cofounder of practice that offers telemedicine, though he says all of his docs live in Hawaii. We talked recently for our special series, The Last Job in Hawaii.

Outro Music: Good Lovin' by The Grateful Dead

https://vimeo.com/162012592" target="_blank">Tipleinaletto Christmas Music: Kilin Reece

Kilin Reece

Credit KR Strings
Musician and luthier Kilin Reece demos his new invention, the tipleinaletto, for us.

Holidays carry with them their own musical repertoire, one that invites endless interpretation. We met Kilin Reece and his tipleinaletto in the first half of the show, and we asked him to stick around to perform some holiday music with us...

Intro Music: Money In The Meter by Bing Ji Ling

Outro Music:  My Favorite Things by Kilin Reece & Chris Vandercook

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