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The Conversation: Tuesday, June 7th, 2016


Maui Job Market; Kaua‘i Voices Concert; Neal Conan; The Rat and The Octopus come to the MAAC

Maui’s Jobs Market: Linda Chu Takayama

Linda Chu Takayama

Credit Flickr - Allie Caulfield
HC&S Sugar Mill on Maui

On Maui life is changing. Yesterday we heard from John Harrison, the Research & Analysis Director at the Maui Economic Development Board about the areas of greatest demographic shift.  Today we look at Maui’s job market. With the challenge of the HC & S closure plus the Makena resort and Sports Authority set to soon close, what’s the outlook for displaced workers? And construction and visitor expectations near the top of the curve what can those workers and those starting their work lives on Maui do to better prepare?  Linda Chu-Takayama is the State’s Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Director and on the line now.

Intro Music: Dinner Party by Nahko and Medicine for the People

Outro Music: Whole Life Story by Passion Pit

Ain't That Great Music!-Kauai Voices Concert: Randy Leonard

Randy Leonard

For those fortunate enough to be able to sing, and sing well, the opportunity to perform in a choral ensemble can be a source of lifelong enjoyment. The members of Kauai Voices, an auditioned choir based in Lihue, manage to put together two seasons’ worth of performances a year -- each with a theme. This time, artistic director Randy Leonard couldn’t help noticing how many of the song titles arrayed in front of him had the word “ain’t” in it -- and he decided to do something about it.

Intro Music: Millionare by Cash Cash, Digital Farm Animals, Nelly

Outro Music: The Seed 2.0 by The Roots

From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

Credit Wikipedia

Hillary Clinton breaks through an historic glass ceiling...The worst week of the Donald Trump campaign...And six states vote on a very big day in American Politics.... That’s some of what’s percolating in the thoughts of News Analyst Neal Conan today. He joins us now, as he does most Tuesdays, from his Mac Nut Farm on the Big Island

Intro Music: Duetsche Welle Theme

Outro Music: Montserrat - Capri Remix by Orquestra Del Plata

MACC Exhibit- The Rat & The Octopus: Scott Yoell

Scott Yoell

Credit [L- raft photo] AGGROculture collective [R - ink on back photo] Sally Lundburg
The Rat and The Octopus

  There’s a lot of bad blood between the rat and the octopus; as the ancient Polynesian story goes, the octopus once rescued the rat from drowning, only to be rewarded with a display of ingratitude that the octopus has resented ever since.   The story’s the inspiration for a new multimedia art show by the Hawaii Island-based AGGROculture collective.  Scott Yoell is one of four artists in AGGROculture.

Intro Music: Hacienda Motel by Pickwick

Outro Music: Emme's Island Moments Theme by Hapa

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