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The Conversation: Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Wikimedia Commons

Family Tension Over Vaccines; Filipino Renaissance Man: Martin Nievera; Nani Hale Strike; Jazz Guitar Legend Stanley Jordan

Dilema of Child Vaccines: Dr. Reena Shah

Reema Shah

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Raising a child is full of decisions and parents are often told there’s no right way that’s perfect for every family. Except perhaps when it comes to vaccinations. Most families are told by their doctors when their children need their shots and they comply. But over the past several decades, a vocal minority has continued to say that children should be not vaccinated as it believes the there is a direct link from the shots to the onset of autism in otherwise previously healthy babies. That’s the perspective of VAXXED, a new film out now in theaters. And after Dr. Reena Shah’s husband and his mother saw the film, he told her he didn’t want their daughter vaccinated and now their family is split.

Intro Music: Walking On A Dream by Empire of The Sun

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Filipino Festival headliner, Martin Nievera

Martin Nievera

Credit filcom.org

  Sama Sama Sa Saya is a wonderful phrase. It means Happy Together. You can be sure that thousands and thousands of his fans are indeed happy when they’re together with multi talented star of stage, screen and studio Martin Nievera. Born in Manila, he grew up in Hawaii and returned to the Philippines where he has become an absolute superstar. He’s back to perform at the 24th annual Flores de Mayo Filipino Fiesta this Saturday, where SamaSama Sa Saya is this year's theme.

Intro Music: Stars by Martin Nievera

Outro Music: Hanggang Kailar by Martin Nievera

Local 5 Nani Hale strike: Rhoda Magaoay, former Hale Nani CNA

Rhoda Magaoay

Writers Guild of America Strike in 2007

  Monday will be a different day for over 200 workers at the Hale Nani Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Honolulu. They will start a three day strike. According to Local 5, the union that represents them, the reason is unfair management practices detailed in charges brought against the nursing home. The union says Hale Nani violated federal labor law by intimidating and surveilling Union supporters who have been advocating for fuller staffing. RhodaMagaoay is a former Hale Nani Certified Nurse Assistant

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Jazz guitarist Stanley Jordan

Stanley Jordan

Credit Stanley Jordan
Stanley Jordan

  Our next guest once said in an interview with David Adler for Jazz Times: “I’m a hippie, I’m a homeboy, I’m a girly girl, I’m an Ivy League academic, and I’m a tech geek. I’m GQ, I’m Vanity Fair. I’m an athlete, I’m a teacher, and I’m a healer. All these things are really real to me.” Oh, and in addition to that, some might add one of the most amazing musicians alive on Planet Earth. Guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan takes music to the next level. He can play guitar and piano simultaneously and boldly reinvents classical masterpieces, pop-rock, jazz and improv….Stanley Jordan joins us this morning.

Intro Music: Stairway To Heaven by Stanley Jordan

Outro Music: Eleanor Rigby (Live) by Stanley Jordan

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