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The Conversation: Thursday, April 14th, 2016

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State Legislature Caregiver Act; New Novel from Hawaiian Author; Hawaii County GET Increase

HB 2252, Designated Caregiver Act: Barbara Kim Stanton of AARP

Barbara Kim Stanton

Credit youtube.com

 For three years, a coalition of groups concerned about seniors has tried to convince lawmakers to pass the Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable Act, The measure allows the patient the opportunity to designate a caregiver who could participate in discharge planning and instruction for care after release from the hospital. The CARE Act, as it is usually known, has been amended several times. This session, the coalition has been urging House members to accept the second draft from the Senate. To do that, the coalition, which includes AARP, was out at the capitol yesterday.

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*Note: The phone number for the legislative hotline that Barbara mentioned is 844-281-7533

The Healers: Kimo Armitage

Kimo Armitage

Credit University of Hawaii Press
The Healers front cover

Some people just have the healing touch, and the role of the healer is cherished in cultures around the world. KimoArmitage has written a young adult novel called “The Healers” that draws on his culture’s centuries-old oral traditions to tell the story of two young men studying to be the next generation of healers. We spoke about his efforts to fill a gap in contemporary Hawaiian literature

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Proposed Hawaii County GET Surcharge: Councilmember Dennis Onishi

Dennis "Fresh" Onishi

Credit hawaiicounty.gov
Dennis "Fresh" Onishi

This legislative session, as in many past, Hawaii’s counties asked for a larger share of the Transient Accommodations Tax. It didn’t happen. On Hawaii Island, that left some country council members to consider other means of raising more money. One of them is Dennis Onishi. His proposal to add a half percent surcharge to the county general excise tax will be heard again early next week. We spoke yesterday and I asked him how that would be palatable to residents who don’t want to see any of their taxes increase.

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