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The Conversation: Wednesday, March 9th, 2016


Sunshine and Good Government Bills; Olivia Cargile Debut; Internet and Foregin Affairs, Kauai Seed and Plant Exchange.

Update on Sunshine & Good Government Bills: Brian Black

Brian Black

When last we left it, there was an 18 page list of good government and sunshine bills up for consideration at the legislature. Some were new introductions and some carried over from last year. As the legislative session nears the halfway point, the status of many of the bills has changed - some for the better and some not according to Civil Beat Law Center Executive Director Brian Black. He’s back with an update.

Intro Music: Yellow Submarine in Pepperland by George Martin

Outro Music: Meta by Tangram

Olivia Cargile Debut Recording: Olivia Cargile

Olivia Cargile

Credit soundcloud.com - Olivia Cargile
Olivia Cargile

Olivia Cargile, who performs as Liv, is 15, and is already a performing and songwriting veteran with a debut recording and an accompanying video. She has known for years that music would be the focus of her life, and she’s on the cusp of a transition from young prodigy to full-grown recording artist.  She’s in the process of recording her first CD, and she’s with us in our studio.

Intro Music: Chasing Dreams by Olivia Cargile
Outro Music: Here We Go by Olivia Cargile

Impact of Internet on Foreign Affairs: Michael (Mike) Mosettig

Michael Mositteg

Credit Pixbay

It’s simple to say the Internet has fundamentally changed how information is shared and who can share it. More complicated is how the Internet is managed, controlled maybe even hacked- and what rules apply in which country. Last weekend, China announced its 5 year plan to grow its Internet and also acknowledged the possible risks. For trained and citizen journalists in many countries publishing on the Internet is also risky business. PBS Newshour commentary writer Michael Mosettig travels through Asia have brought him to Honolulu to speak about the Internet THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY AND ITS RISING PROMINENCE IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS and he joins us now.

Intro Music: Real Hope by Ve
Outro Music: Asia by Manyus Joan Eta

16th Kaua’i Community Seed and Plant Exchange - Paul Massey

Paul Massey

Credit rib.org

That old line about all politics being local could as easily be applied to conservation efforts and the need for diversity in our farms and gardens. On Kaua’i, a long-running plant and seed exchange asks local growers to exchange GMO free, pest free, non-invasive seeds, cuttings and plants, and organizer Paul Massey is on the line to tell us about it.

Intro Music: Eku’u Morning Dew by Benny Chong

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