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The Conversation: Monday, January 4th 2016


Energy Report; Henoko Base Plan

DEBDT’s Annual Energy Report: James Strange

James Strange

Read the annual report from Hawaii’s energy office, and 2015 looks like a benchmark year. In large part, that’s due to the state’s goal to reach 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. By that time, the students now in the environmental law and energy justice programs at the UH Richardson School of Law will be in mid career. That may include James Strange, South African by birth and a former manager for industrial suppliers and solar companies. As we consider where Hawaii’s energy policies will lead us this year James Strange is looking well into his future and back at the 2015 progress report from the state’s energy office.  James Strange is a student in the environmental law and energy justice programs at the UH Richardson School of Law.

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U.S. Citizens' Response to Henoko Base Plan: Jon Letman

Jon Letman

Credit en.wikipedia.org
Posters opposing the base relocation in Henoko (Henoko, Nago, 2013)

Okinawa Island is tiny…almost 20 percent smaller than Kaua‘i yet it holds a population roughly equal to all of our state. Since the Second World War, the large military presence in Okinawa has been seen as an economic benefit…but in recent years, that idea has changed. Opposition to a plan to open a new Marine base – albeit with the closure of another- continues to draw voices from within Okinawa, including from its Governor. Opposition voices are also coming from within the US – and Hawai‘i. One of them is Kauai- based journalist, Jon Letman. He is an independent journalist on Kauai and has written for Al Jazeera America, Foreign Policy in Focus, the Christian Science Monitor and other publications. A former resident of Japan, he traveled to Okinawa in 2015 to report on the struggle against U.S. military bases.

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