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The Conversation: Thursday, November 5th 2015

Acidifying Waters Threaten Southern Ocean Ecosystem; Mano’a Valley Theater Production of The Who’s Tommy; Surfing the Nations’ Outreach and Training Center; Assistance Dogs of Hawaii

Acidifying Waters Threaten Southern Ocean Ecosystem: Axel Timmermann

Axel Timmerman

They may be insignificant to you, but to the marine economies and ecosystems who depend on them, tiny sea snails and other marine life feeling the effects of ocean acidification is no small matter. A study published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change shows that increasing carbon dioxide is posing major threats to those creatures in the Southern Ocean. International Pacific Research Center professor Axel Timmermann is the co author of the study he joined The Conversation to tell us what he found.

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Mano’a Valley Theater Production of The Who’s Tommy: Melina Lillios

Melina Lillios

Life’s tough when you haven’t found your genius yet, and adolescents around the world can easily spend their teenage years feeling isolated and misunderstood. That’s the kind of character Pete Townshend set out to portray when he wrote his groundbreaking rock opera Tommy, and its subsequent success only confirmed that he had tapped into some universal themes.   Melina Lillios is the guest musical director for the Manoa Valley Theater stage production of the rock musical and it’s a show that gives her and her musicians a chance to celebrate the power of music to transform. The Who's Tommy opens November 12th and runs until the 29th.

  • Intro Music:  1921 by The Who
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Surfing the Nations’ Outreach and Training Center: Cindy Bauer

Cindy Bauer

In recent months, we’ve talked about government’s response to homelessness, but today we took a look at an effort from the nonprofit sector. In the small community of Wahiawa, solutions to its growing homeless population are coming out of the community itself. One is an Outreach and Training Center orchestrated by the nonprofit Surfing the Nations. The Center is under construction and will offer services, showers, clothes and food to poor, underserved, and homeless people, as well as at risk youth. Cindy Bauer is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Surfing the Nations and she joined the show to tell us more about the project.

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Assistance Dogs of Hawaii: Mo Maurer

Mo Maurer

An assistance dog at work

The bond between people and companion animals is something we only partly understand, but we can be sure it’s a powerful force.    Mo Maurer, co-founder of Assistance Dogs of Hawaii, has seen again and again how a well-trained animal can form a real working partnership with its human and she knows what a wide range of tasks it can perform.  The organization is holding its 2nd Annual Giving Thanks Benefit Event at the Waialae Country Club on Sunday, November 15th.  

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