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The Long View; Beauty and the Beast; travel2change

Wednesday, April 15th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

The Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

Over the past few days, presidential campaigns have begun in earnest with a boatload of Republicans as well as Hillary Clinton declaring their candidacies. Today political analyst, Neal Milner, has a couple of suggestions for bringing some kind of order out of the chaos... and it starts with remembering some of the fundamentals of the long view.

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KPAC’s Beauty and the Beast: Dennis McGraw

Dennis McGraw

As Romance novelist Jane Porter reminded us in our conversation yesterday, a classic romantic story needs to be a journey. The lovers have to overcome a series of obstacles along the way to their happy ending and only then can the denouement be completely satisfying.   It’s Dennis McGraw’s job, as director of the upcoming Kauai Performing Arts Center production of Beauty and the Beast, to make sure audiences feel all the heated emotions of a classic love story.

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travel2change: Thomas Kohler

Thomas Kohler

Thomas Kohler is the founder of travel2change. Travel2change connects travelers and local communities around activities with a positive impact. The platform is shaped by Thomas Kohler’s research as an Associate Professor of Marketing at Hawaii Pacific University and a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley. His work is published in journals including MIS Quarterly, Harvard Business Manager, and California Management Review.

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