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SB64; You Are What You Breathe, Eat, and Drink; Debit and Credit Card Security; Kauai Island Singers

Friday, April 10th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

SB64, Preschool Open Doors Program: Jeannine Souki

Jeannine Souki

We’ve long talked about the price of preschool in Hawaii. For low income families, getting a child into preschool is often tied to subsidies for a Department of Human Services licensed group childcare facility. The Preschool Open Doors program has operated since 1990. Now, it’s waiting for a $6 million restoration of funds… and so are about 1200 low income families.  SB64 is asking for the money, but with no indication that Governor Ige will send down a separate message also asking for it, supporters are worried. Good Beginnings Alliance Policy Advocate Jeannine Souki joins the show to discuss the bill and its goals.

  • Intro Music:  Credit and Debit by Willi Langer, Hannes Treiber, Wesley Plass
  • Outro Music:  Better Git It In Your Soul by Charles Mingus


You Are What You Breathe, Eat, and Drink: Rex Dubiel

Rex Dubiel

O’ahu’s North Shore has become a flashpoint for the collision between environmental concerns and the pressures of population and economic growth.   The organic food and farm-to-table movement is especially strong there, where everything you see reminds you how fragile our island ecosystems are… and next weekend the North Shore Outdoor Circle is planning an event to encourage us to think about what we breathe, eat, and drink.   Rex Dubiel of the North Shore Outdoor Circle joined the show to tell us how the gathering came about. The event, you Are What You Breathe, Eat, and Drink, takes place on Saturday, April 18th in Haleiwa Town.

  • Intro Music:  Mythe by Chet Baker
  • Outro Music:  Honeysuckle Rose by Thelonious Monk


Debit and Credit Card Security: Betsy Weatherford

Betsy Weatherford

Convenience and risk... for a lot of people those are the perceptions of using a credit or debit card. Risk can come from identity theft or being a little too free with a card’s use. Both have led many offshore credit cards companies to offer customer designed parameters to trigger texts or emails. It could be when a certain number of transactions are made in a day, or even limits on spending.  Locally, the Hawaii State Federal Credit Unionhas created the first local debit and credit card with security controls operated from mobile devices. Betsy Weatherford is the HSFCU card services manager and regardless of what card you use, she has some advice.

  • Intro Music:  Cherokee by Wynton Marsalis
  • Outro Music: Debit Credit Theory by Colin Dodds

Kauai Island Singers Showcase: Melissa Mojo

Melissa Mojo

Melissa Mojo is a member of the Kauai Island Singers Showcase, which will present Songs of Time and Place on Saturday, April 18th at All Saints Church in Kapa‘a. Eleven singers will be accompanied by Hank Curtis on piano and Laine Griffith on sax, flute, and clarinet. The show is free.

  • Intro Music:  Manhattan by Ella Fitzgerald
  • Outro Music:  On a Slow Boat to China by Sonny Rollins
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