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Kauai County Solid Waste and Recycling Programs; Carman Moore; Zipper Repair; Peace Poetry

Friday, April 3rd – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Kauai County Solid Waste and Recycling Programs: John Harder

John Harder

Solid waste, garbage, rubbish. Whatever name you have for trash, you might not list this one: resource. But John Harder sees it that way. He's a founder of Zero Waste Kauai and was once Kauai County’s first Solid Waste Coordinator.  He also ran the State’s Office of Solid Waste Management. In July, Kauai will inaugurate a pay as you throw program for trash pick-up. As part of HPR's initiative Trashing Paradise, we called John Harder to ask this question: is Kauai leading the state in the most progressive ways of handling trash?

  • Intro Music:  Scandinavian Crush by Craft Spells
  • Outro Music:  Trash by New York Dolls


Composer, Critic, Music Educator: Carman Moore

Carman Moore

Carman Moore is the rare artist who can move easily between disciplines, not only making art but commenting on it as a music critic for the Village Voice and several other publications. He’s a classically trained composer who has worked with everyone from Louis Armstrong to avant-gardistOrnette Coleman to Felix of the Young Rascals. He’s in Hawaii for a series of events, and he joined us in studio to talk about them.

  • Intro Music:  Mass for the 21st c. "Alleluiah" by Carman Moore
  • Outro Music:  Youth in a Merciful House by Carman Moore



Zipper Repair Appropriation: Representative Matt LoPresti

Matt LoPresti

Tuesday's traffic fiasco on Oahu trapped many of us on the road or unable to even get on to one for hours. The aging zip mobiles were responsible… they were already nearing the end of their projected 20 year usable life and their central processing units had fried. During the event, state and city departments of transportation failed to communicate well enough to warn drivers. So far, no cost for the fix has been released, but if you were stuck in your car or office, you've probably already calculated your personal price. Now there are calls for an immediate appropriation of over 11 million dollars to replace the zip mobiles.  The Vice Chair of the House Transportation Committee, Representative Matt LoPresti, tweeted he'll push for that.

  • Intro Music:  Death and the Maiden by MTT
  • Outro Music: Zipper by Luigi Manuel Negrin

Peace Poetry Awards: Melinda Gohn

Melinda Gohn

  Melinda Gohn is the Coordinator of the 16th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Poetry Awards Program sponsored by the International Peace Poem Project. The organization will hold awards ceremonies on four different islands, beginning on O’ahu on April 11 at the Mission Memorial  Auditorium.

  • Intro Music:  In The Mood by Jeff Peterson
  • Outro Music:  Let There Be Peace by Chris Murray
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