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HSTA Legislative Priorities; Women in Filmmaking; Sharing Economy; Lenore Raphael

Friday, January 16th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

HSTA Legislative Priorities: Joan Lewis

Joan Lewis

A fair salary, teacher retention, and evaluations are just some of the perennial issues of Hawaii's teacher's union. Once again, the Hawaii State Teachers Association is getting ready to share how they would like lawmakers to address those concerns. As we ramp up to this year’s legislative session, HSTA is evaluating its priorities. Joan Lewis, Vice President of the Hawaii State Teachers Association, joined the show for a look at what's most important for the union this year.

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Hawaii Women in Film Making: Vera Zambonelli

Vera Zombonelli

Vera Zambonelli is the founder of Hawaii Women in Film Making, which will present a free screening of the film “A Path Appears” next Tuesday at the ARTS at Mark’s Garage in downtown Honolulu. The film is a documentary about the ongoing oppression of women and girls around the world.

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Sharing Economy: Steve Petranik

Steve Petranik

You already know the sharing economy is growing. Everything from getting to where you want to go to getting what you need… maybe you’ve used AirBNB  or Uber or even offered to share your pet. Steve Petranik, Editor of Hawaii Business Magazine, sat down to talk about how the sharing economy is changing Hawaii and where he ‘s seeing the most impact.

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Atherton Concert: Lenore Raphael

Lenore Raphael

Pianist Lenore Raphael has watched musical styles come and go over the course of her career and, like all good jazz artists, has drawn from the best material available to her.  And as it does for most musicians who savor a challenge, it means a return to the classic Great American Songbook… That’s likely how it’s going to stay until someone improves upon the legacy of Gershwin, Ellington, and their peers.   Lenore and Guitarist Doug MacDonald are coming to our Atherton Studio tomorrow evening, and we talked with Lenore about her musical journey.

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