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Native Hawaiian Housing Act; Bicycle Track; TMT Project; Core Belief Restructuring

TMT Observatory Corporation

Thursday, December 4th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Funding Program for Native Hawaiian Housing: Congresswoman Hanabusa

Colleen Hanabusa

This week, the US House reauthorized a bill that it had not been able to pass since the bill expired in 2005. The Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Reauthorization Act of 2014 features language introduced by Hawaii’s outgoing Congresswoman, Colleen Hanabusa. The bill provides five years of support for trust land housing programs, now including Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant and Loan Guarantees.  Both programs support affordable housing on Hawaiian home lands. According to Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa the authorization was especially important to her and she joined the show to tell us why.

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Urban Bicycle Safety: Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander

The city is about to unveil an experiment in urban traffic flow in one of Honolulu’s busiest streets: a cycle track, or dedicated bike lane.  It’s aimed at making life easier for bicyclists and encouraging motorists to recognize what the law already mandates… that cyclists have as much right to space on the road as cars.   Will it work?   Daniel Alexander of the Hawaii Bicycling League hopes so, and he joined us this morning in studio.

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India Joins TMT Project: Sandra Dawson

Sandra Dawson

This week, India joined the Thirty Meter Telescope project as a full member. That may not mean so much to you, but to the international effort to bring the observatory to Mauna Kea, it’s pretty big. For India, the move has secured observation time once the telescope is completed. It’s still on the calendar for stardate 2022.  This fall, the nonprofit LLC responsible for the construction and operation phases of the TMT project held a groundbreaking that was not without controversy. Sandra Dawson is the Manager of Hawaii Community Affairs at TMT and has a look at what progress the group hopes 2015 will bring.

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Core Belief Restructuring: Jean-Francois Benoist

Jean-Francois Benoist

Few of us are as happy or as productive as we’d like to be, and Life Coach Jean-Francois Benoistsays we all can benefit from what he calls “Core Belief Restructuring.”  It’s a re-evaluation and a re-directing of the principles that guide our behavior and our actions.  The technique has been shown to succeed in the treatment of addictions, and Jean-Francois believes it has applications for everyone.  He’s teaching a workshop in core belief restructuring tonight and tomorrow.

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