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Submarine Research; Unique Photography; The Naeem Williams Case; Oahu Ghost Tours

Friday, June 13th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Submarine Research: Terry Kerby

Terry Kerby

Our planet has been so thoroughly examined, you might find yourself wondering what frontiers are left to discover. But, underwater, we’re still only in the early stages of exploration. Deep-sea research is an incredibly fertile, largely unknown realm, and for a researcher like Terry Kerby, every dive holds the promise of something new and amazing. Terry is the lead submarine pilot for the PISCES submersibles operated by the University of Hawaii, which has a long history of discovery here in local waters, and is now on the hunt for Amelia Earhart's plane. He was with us this morning to chat.

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Photographer: Alison Beste

Alison Beste

Have you ever wanted to take the perfect photograph of something like the sunset, and just then, right at that moment, something like an oil tanker or container ship comes right into view? Well, what if you made a little lemonade out of lemons and changed your subject to be… the ships that come in and out of port at sunset? That’s just one example of how our next photographer has adapted to her environment, and has taken award winning photographs, framing subjects that the rest of us just may have missed. Alison Beste was here in the studio to tell us more.

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Naeem Williams Death Penalty Trial: Kenneth Lawson

Kenneth Lawson

Naeem Williams, convicted of murder, faces the death penalty in a state that abolished the death penalty decades ago. He was put on trial in a federal court because his crime, the beating death of his five-year-old daughter, occurred on federal property: Wheeler Army Airfield, where Williams was stationed. Unlike Hawaii, federal court does still allow the death penalty.   It’s a case that forces us to look again at an issue society would rather not confront -- is the death penalty state-sanctioned murder or a just punishment for what we can all agree is a brutal crime?  Ken Lawson is a professor at the William S. Richardson Law School, and we asked him to join us this morning.

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Oahu Ghost Tours: "Uncle Joe" Espinda, Jr.

Joe Espinda, Jr.

The Hawaiian Islands are well-known worldwide for their supernatural phenomena, and with the recent growth and development, the discovery of ancient graves and spiritual sites may have disturbed some of the lands former occupants. Oahu Ghost Tours, along with their new partner Big Island Ghost Tours, offers a unique opportunity to become acquainted with some of our other-worldly inhabitants, up close and personal, either with a walking tour, a bus tour, and more. “Uncle Joe” was with us today, to offer a few spooky anecdotes of his own and a preview of an special upcoming tour this weekend.

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