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Jones Act; T-Shirt Theatre; Energy Efficiency; Quilt Show

It’s Wednesday, March 27th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Jones Act: John Carroll

John Carroll

It sounds good: only American ships carrying goods from American port to port. And in 1920, the law with roots in the first world war had a purpose. It supported an American shipbuilding industry and the mode of transport for moving a lot of what Americans needed.  But for a long time global business and ever-changing consumer patterns  have a lot of people wondering if the Jones Act still makes sense. For decades, attorney John Carroll has said  it has outlived its usefulness...especially for Hawaii.

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T-Shirt Theatre: George Kon

George Kon

The members of Farrington High School’s T-Shirt Theatre know a little about resilience; they’ve been bouncing back for years.   The roof fell in on them, literally, a couple of years ago, leaving them without a home—and their story since then says a lot about the local community - and about them.  Their motto is “Rehearse for Life;” their new show is called “Untold Stories,” and their director, George Kon, is with us this morning. T-Shirt Theatre will present two performances of its new show, “Untold Stories” show on Sunday, April 6th, and Thursday, April 10th, at Kaimuki High School.

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Energy Efficiency: Mark Jewell

Mark Jewell

What’s the difference between promoting and  selling  energy efficiency? It might be the difference between a lot of talk and a little least to one San Francisco-based energy efficiency expert  coming to Hawaii next week. Mark Jewell will run a series of workshops for electrical contractors, architects, engineers, and vendors responsible for pursuing expense-reducing capital projects. The sessions are sponsored by the ratepayer-funded conservation program, Hawaii Energy - you’ve probably gotten a report card on your energy consumption from them- their logo is the outlet that looks like a smiley face. In advance of Mark Jewell’s trip, he joined us on the phone.

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Maui Historical Society Quilt Show: Naomi "Sissy" Lake-Farm

Naomi "Sissy" Lake-Farm

Now another piece of history, but one that’s still very much alive...Quilting. Every piece tells a story; that’s why people who love history love to create and collect them.   Quilting has an especially rich record in Hawaii: when missionaries got here with their needlework, Hawaiians already had their version, as kapa cloth.   The look and the traditions merged into one that was uniquely Hawaiian, and it’s being celebrated this Saturday in Wailuku, Maui, at the Bailey House Museum.   Naomi "Sissy" Lake-Farm is the new Executive Director at the Museum.

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