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Blue Startups Post-Silicon Valley, Talk Story Summit, Bad Week for Rail, North Shore Swim Series

It’s Wednesday, July 17 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

She's starting to turn blue and this time, that's good.

Elyse Petersen

Elyse Petersen is the Founder of Tealet, a startup connecting tea growers and tea drinkers. Sheworks with farmers in Japan, Hawaii and across the U.S. Time as a food scientist  with the Peace Corps taught her a lot about food security, natural resource management and sustainable food preservation -- and thanks to Blue Startups, those skills are being bundled with her entrepreneurial venture.

A perfect circle...by way of mouth

Linda Yemoto

Linda Yemoto will take part in a talk story summit tomorrow night at 7:30 at Hawaii Pacific University’s Windward Campus.

Is HART a fool for skipping school?

Panos Prevedouros

Panos Prevedouros is professor of civil engineering at U-H Manoa.  He chairs the Freeway Simulation Subcommittee of the Transportation Research Board and is a co-author of a Transportation Engineering textbook and over 100 reports and technical papers. He ran for Honolulu mayor in 2008 and 2010 and was the lead developer of the FAST plan of mayoral candidate and former governor, Ben Cayetano

Strokin' a leg on the North Shore

Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner is the race director for the North Shore Swim Series. The next leg of the race is Saturday: Chun’s Reef to Waimea Bay.

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