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Honolulu Weekly, D-Day, Marijuana

It’s Thursday, June 6th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

When Tuesday is the end of the week.

Mindy Pennybacker

Mindy Pennybacker was the editor of Honolulu Weekly until this past Monday. She’s a contributor to the Huffington Post and The Nation and former editor at The Green Guide, This Old House, Plenty, and Glamour magazines.

It's R Day for D-Day

Chris Vandercook on John Vandercook

John W. Vandercook was a news commentator for the National Broadcasting Company -NBC -during the Second World War. You might recognize that name...he was the father of the man who sits next to me in the morning.

Weed whacking for medicinal purposes only

Della Au Belatti

Della Au Belatti is in her fourth term as the state representative of district 24 and serves on the Judiciary, Consumer Protection & Commerce, and Housing Committees. When she's not in session at the capitol, she's an attorney with the Law Office of Eric Seitz

The full D-Day recording from John W. Vandercook:

Full John W. Vandercook D-Day Recording

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