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Homeless Teacher, "Bloody Murder," Haiku Elementary School, Caves

It’s Thursday, May 9 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Teaching new meanings for mobile home


Teacher David Gardner, speaking with me earlier this week with an end of the year update about his choice of homelessness over debt. 

Escaping the fourth wall: a mouthy mystery talks back


Elitei Tatufu Jr. is the director of “Bloody Murder,” which runs until May 19th at Manoa Valley Theater.

A school's godmother of invention: a foundation


Jennifer Oberg is the President of the new Haiku Elementary School Foundation on Maui.  She also works at the school's Parent-Community Networking Center when she's not making custom wedding gowns. Both of her children have attended Haiku School.

Unearthing secrets one volunteer at a time


Lida Pigott Burney is the manager of the Makauwahi Cave Reserve.

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