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Dr. Kathy Kozak Hosts The Body Show
The Body Show
Mondays at 6:30pm on HPR-1

Making informed health choices can be tough. On The Body Show, Dr. Kathleen Kozak makes them a little easier to understand with the latest medical information and knowledgeable guests. 

  • Kona resident and Hawaii Island Recovery manager Jimmy Kayihura discusses the process of rehabilitation and recovery here in the islands. Stephen Gallagher, also in Kona, shares his story and both their wish list for fulfilling the needs of our local community struggling with addiction.
  • Medicare open enrollment starts later this week, and there are some important changes that everyone needs to know about. Dr. Eileen Hilton from Crown Care is on the show to share what’s new with Medicare, if the advantage plans really are an advantage, and how to know where to start finding out!
  • Today we are going to highlight the latest in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer with Dr. David Chou of Hawaii Pacific Health and hear from the Prostate Cancer Coalition with Paul Mizue.
  • Telemedicine has undergone a transformation from a rare experience to an everyday convenience, helping to improve access to healthcare throughout the islands.What’s next? Could virtual care someday replace your usual in office visits to see your doctor?Cloudwell Health founders Dr. Cedric Strong and Dr. Neal Chauhan are on the line to share their experiences as virtual docs, and their predictions for the telemedicine of tomorrow.
  • What have we learned about health literacy and communication over the past year? Nurse expert Claire Santos is in the studio sharing her expertise with work as a Covid testing worker, contact tracer, vaccine clinic organizer and more. She has a special message for everyone trying to understand where to find the facts about the pandemic and how to protect themselves.
  • Could back pain be caused by weak... hamstring muscles? Dr. Mitchell Yass explains why this is absolutely the case, and what different approaches he has learned over the past 30 years on how to treat muscle strains effectively with a unique system of isolated muscle strengthening. If you have ever had a pulled muscle, this show will explain how the source of the pain might be from an area you least expected! And how to fix it!
  • Take a breath, now before you breathe out, take another one... and another one.... that's what it's like to have COPD. For people with this condition, getting infections like covid and the flu - it can be deadly. What's the best way to prevent this? Val Chang of the COPD Coalition is on the show, sharing her research on the best face masks, the best way to protect your lungs, and more.
  • What causes the common skin rashes we see so often? When your hands get red, is it a sign of something serious? What's the best first aid for a cut?Dr. Ryan Sato, dermatologist, will be on the show, explaining how to know when simple skin changes are minor issues, and when it might just mean a whole lot more.
  • Stressed lately? What can you do about it? Dr. Martin Johnson has great tips on for even the busiest people to consider, and helps everyone find ways to achieve greater balance in these ever-changing challenging times.
  • How has covid changed the medical aid in dying practices here in the islands? Samantha Trad is in the studio from Compassion and Choices to share the latest data from Hawaii and how the pandemic has affected access to this legally approved option for those with terminal illnesses.