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Dr. Kathy Kozak Hosts The Body Show
The Body Show
Mondays at 6:30pm on HPR-1

Making informed health choices can be tough. On The Body Show, Dr. Kathleen Kozak makes them a little easier to understand with the latest medical information and knowledgeable guests. 

  • February is Heart Month! Dr. Deeblena Dutt from Kaiser Permanente explains the different types of heart failure, the latest medication available and how remote patient monitoring might just make treatment easier than ever.
  • Colon cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in the US. The rates are declining overall except for younger adults. That’s why screening starts at 45. Part 2 with Dr. Rao tonight!
  • No one likes to talk about it but certain problems ‘down there’ can be quite serious. Hemorrhoids, anal warts, even cancer are major concerns. Dr. Krishna Rao is in the studio for part 1 of our Colorectal surgery series.
  • The Great Aloha Run is coming up soon, if you have not been training but think you might want to, what’s the best way to get started? Dr. Spencer Chang is in the studio, with tips on how to avoid injuries and still achieve your athletic goals.
  • Dr. Kenson Miyaki is in the studio sharing the most common problems we may encounter with our feet…. And how the right pair of shoes might just make all the difference, now and for years to come.
  • It’s a new year and if you are looking at ways to jump start your healthy resolutions, Dr. Theresa Wee may just have the tools you need to get in gear!
  • Is that tingling on your hand ever going to go away? Could trigger finger resolve on its own? The answers to those questions and more on the show today. Dr. Sam Chen is an orthopedic hand specialist for over a decade and a half and he shares his expertise on how to know when it’s time for a brace, splint, or surgery! https://www.orthopedicshi.com/
  • Do you have health goals for the new year? What about starting early during the holidays? It’s a gift you can give yourself with a nurse health coach. Melaca Cannella is in the studio, sharing how the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease made her rethink her holiday plans and prioritize her medical needs and teach others how to do the same.
  • That funny looking mole on your arm? Could it be skin cancer? Dr. Dylan Lee is in the studio, sharing his expertise in dermatology and how to know if something is serious, or is it okay to just keep an eye on it? Listen in to find out!
  • Obstructive sleep apnea can affect much more than just your sleep, this condition can also contribute to heart arrythmias, high blood pressure, diabetes, energy levels and much more.Treating this can include a machine like a CPAP, and there have been a lot of advances in the types of masks and machines that are available. Maya Alba Nordstrom, NP is in the studio along with ENT surgical specialist Dr. Mary Worthen to share their expertise with a new option called INSPIRE, and how treating sleep apnea is crucial for improving health.