The Conversation: The Public Asked to Help Researchers

Apr 16, 2020

The battle against COVID-19 is now asking for the public's help - the National Disaster Preparedness Center launches part two of an online survey this week. Newly appointed Economic and Community Navigator Alan Oshima discusses what will be the new normal on the other side of the coronavirus crisis. And HPR reporter Ku'uwehi Hiraishi talks about how Hawaii's rulers dealt with pandemics in the past.


Karl Kim is the Executive Director of the National Preparedness Training Center, a federally funded program who reach includes Pacific coastal communities. It's aim is to help our first responders and emergency managers. He joined us to talk about the re-launch of a revised survey tracking the spread of the coronavirus.

Credit Joel Bradshaw

Our Reality Check with Honolulu Civil Beat looks at the prospect of pay cuts and furloughs that loom over government workers. Political and Opinion editor Chad Blair joined us.

Credit Office of Governor David Ige

Former CEO and President of Hawaiian Electric Industries Alan Oshima was tapped a week ago by Governor Ige to lead Hawaii's economic recovery and community resiliency plan. He joined us to discuss what will be the new normal on the other side of this health crisis as we try to get everyone safely back to work.

Credit Frank Davey/Hawaii State Archives

Travel bans and quarantines - nothing new to our state. HPR reporter Kuuwehi Hiraishi joined us to talk about our history with pandemics and what the Kingdom of Hawaii's Ali'i did to try to contain diseases and save their people.