The Conversation: Chinatown Recovery

Jul 10, 2020

Chinatown Recovery and Resilience; Reviving and Reworking the Arts in Hawaii; Tough Times for Hawaii's Charter Fishermen; Aaron Mahi Talk Story

Resilience and Recovery in Chinatown

Wound care, slow business and neighborhood beatification are all at play as Honolulu's continues to weather the economic downturn brought on by Covid-19

Reworking, Adapting the Arts in Hawaii

The Hawaii Shakespeare Festival transitions to an online format, and The Honolulu Museum of Art begins the slow, careful process of reopening during a pandemic.

Hilo Charter Operator

As tough economic times affect all aspects of business in Hawaii, the already struggling charter fishing industry finds itself particularly hard hit.

Man of Music: Aaron Mahi

We close our show on a musical talk story with musician and educator, Aaron Mahi.