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Bishop Museum ousts CEO and 2 execs after a lengthy investigation

Wikimedia Commons

Three Bishop Museum executives, including its CEO, have been fired following a months-long investigation into workplace conditions.

The museum’s board of directors voted unanimously Thursday to terminate CEO Melanie Ide, General Counsel Barron Oda, and Vice President of Operations, Planning and Program Management Wesley “Kaiwi” Yoon.

The three executives had been on administrative leave with pay since July 1, after the board released a statement that said there was a "failure to address and resolve serious workplace issues."

"Let’s just say this. We agree on a lot. We agree that we should be investigating workplace concerns. We agree that we want the environment to be a good environment to work in and that people are behaving as they should in the workplace," Ide told HPR in July.

Soon after Ide spoke to HPR, the board ordered her not to speak publicly while the investigation over the health of the workplace was being conducted.

An independent investigator interviewed more than 40 current and former staff members — of which many were suggested by the three executives themselves.

The number of interviewees and scheduling conflicts led to a lengthy investigation, and according to officials, the investigator’s report will not be made public.

The board will now appoint an interim CEO.

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