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New state government office specializes in trauma care

Concussions from domestic violence are sometimes overlooked in patient care.
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There will be a new state office specializing in trauma care.

The Office of Wellness and Resilience will provide comprehensive care to children and families who experienced trauma. That includes domestic violence, sex trafficking and homelessness.

According to the state Department of Human Services, 23% of sex trafficking victims are trafficked before they turn 18 years old.

An estimated 15,000 Hawaiʻi residents are homeless.

State Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz introduced SB 2482 to build the Office of Wellness and Resilience. He says the new office will help connect residents to the resources they need until they figure out a solution.

He says it's especially helpful when other government offices cannot help residents outside of their jurisdiction.

The Office of Wellness and Resilience will be funded by over $800,000 from the general fund.

The office is established within the governor’s office.

It will hire an executive director and at least six staff members before opening — approximately within three to six months.

Zoe Dym was a news producer at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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