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Kīhei Elementary expands partnership with Discovery Education

Kīhei Elementary School
Kīhei Elementary School / Hawaiʻi Department of Education
Kīhei Elementary School

Kīhei Elementary School partnered with Discovery Education in 2020, before the pandemic. The company provides digital and print resources for K-12 curriculum in STEM, social studies and more.

"In a post-COVID world, educators are more challenged than ever to create engaging learning experiences for all students," said Tracy Lui, Kīhei Elementary School principal.

The ability to engage students ultimately helps teachers create lessons for their classes.

"There's quiz features. There's professional learning tools. There's creation spaces for the teachers and students to create lessons or create projects," said Jeff Rothberg, Discovery Education's senior coordinator for national partnerships.

"Specifically in Hawaiʻi, there's a lot of Hawaiian culture [and] Hawaiian history built into our resource, because we try to reach the entire world at the same time."

Rothberg tells HPR that Kīhei Elementary came to his company because they were looking for a science curriculum.

Now they are expanding to include the company's latest resource, Mystery Science, which furthers the company's goal of helping educators and students.

"The educators and students, they have more resources to work with, and more tools to easily create and explore within our dynamic learning environment," said Rothberg.

"All of these resources are filled with real-world and hands-on activities, where our students are lead investigators and asking questions and being curious. So they're not just learning and reading about science, and writing it back to the teacher. They're in there as the scientist, exploring, navigating, and having fun with it."

Rothberg says Discovery Education helps a handful of public schools in the state.

Casey Harlow was an HPR reporter and occasionally filled in as local host of Morning Edition and All Things Considered.
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