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Two of Lāʻie's Beaches Will Be Restored to Original Names

Olichel from Pixabay

Two beaches in Laʻie will have their names restored to their traditional names.

Pounders Beach and La‘ie Beach Park will change their names to Pahumoa Beach and La‘ielohelohe Beach Park, respectively.

The decision was made at this week’s Honolulu City Council meeting.

The name “Pounders” was a nickname given in 1955 by students from Brigham Young University — Hawaiʻi for the pounding shore breaks.

Laʻie Beach Park is a shortened version of La’ielohelohe. La’ielohelohe is a princess in Hawaiian mythology, and the twin sister of Laʻieikawai.

Proper signage will be put up at both Pahumoa Beach and La‘ielohelohe Beach Park to reflect the restoration of the names.

Zoe Dym is a news producer at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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