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HECO Will Send Checks to Customers with Solar System Batteries

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Hawaiian Electric Company

The Hawaiian Electric Company is providing a one-time battery incentive program for Oʻahu customers with solar panel roofing.

Customers can work with solar contractors to add a battery to their existing or new solar system.

Unused energy will be stored in the batteries, and any extra electricity stored in the battery that is not used in the household by evening will be sent to HECO during the hours of 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. That electricity will be distributed to households without rooftop solar — as a result, creating less need to generate electricity.

"It will automatically use your electricity at home as a priority, and then the system will automatically send what’s left to utilities. You don’t have to throw a switch or worry about it. It will take care of itself based on the settings of the energy storage system," HECO spokesperson Peter Rosegg explained.

Customers can sign up for the program by June 23, 2023.

Checks will be sent to customers in the program based on how much electricity they are able to send to HECO.

Hawaiian Electric will confirm by checking battery data that the system is meeting its committed performance in the program for the customer to receive the full amount of incentive. Incentive payments are:

  • $850 per kilowatt (kW) for those accepted for the first 15MW. (For example, 5kW would yield a $4,250 payment.)
  • $750 per kW for those accepted for the next 15MW.
  • $500 per kW for those accepted for the last 20MW.

More information can be found at

Zoe Dym is a news producer at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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