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Helping Hand

Helping Hand - Save Elephant Foundation Elephant Nature Park

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Helping Hand - February 16, 2018 complete interview with Save Elephant Foundation Elephant Nature Park
Credit Save Elephant Foundation

This week Helping Hand starts two weeks of featuring nonprofits in the Asia Pacific supporting two of the most vulnerable animals on Earth. First up, Save Elephant Foundation and Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence speaks with founder Lek Chailert, who buys elderly, disabled and abused elephants forced to work in the tourist industry or hauling lumber, and runs volunteer programs where you can help care for these elephants. She works to convince elephant owners to adopt her model, and there are lots of other ways to help, too, like sponsoring animals, sewing elephant blankets, buying ENP coffee and souvenirs, or just spreading the word about not participating in riding elephants, elephant circuses, elephant painting or similar tourism practices in Thailand. The complete interview is 45 minutes long and includes Lek's fascinating, truly inspiring life story.

Credit Save Elephant Foundation

Helping Hand airs Fridays during the statewide, afternoon drive broadcast of All Things Considered, and then is archived online here. Helping Hand puts the spotlight on an organization, topic or event that offers support to those with disabilities or the most vulnerable.       


Contact Save Elephant Foundation and Elephant Nature Park:

Website: and

Email: and the contact page at

For American's seeking to make a tax-deductible donation, use the link to the Serengeti Foundation on the How You Can Help page at their site.

Find them on Facebook (Save Elephant Foundation and Elephant Nature Park), Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Trip Advisor).

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Credit Save Elephant Foundation

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