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Reports from HPR's political reporter Wayne Yoshioka

Hawaii's Electors Vote Blue Despite Trump’s Win

Wayne Yoshioka
Wayne Yoshioka

Donald Trump has officially won the presidency with the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the office.  Voting proceeded mostly according to tradition… despite some efforts to persuade Republican Electoral College members to vote rogue.

Hawaii's electors gathered at the state Capitol to cast their votes for president.  Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in Hawaii…so the state’s four electors are bound by law to select her.  John Bickel is one of Hawai‘i’s electors.  

The AP reports that one elector voted for Sen. Bernie Sanders instead.  David Mulinix says he voted for Sanders because he doesn't feel Clinton is qualified to be president. He said if his vote would have made the difference between a Trump and Clinton presidency, he would have chosen Clinton.

Hawaii Chief Elections Officer Scott Nago told the Associated Press the Sanders vote will count. He says Hawaii law doesn't penalize electors for going against the statewide vote.

About 30 protestors gathered outside the state capitol to voice concerns over Trump’s win.

HPR Political Reporter Wayne Yoshioka contributed to this article. 

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