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Parts of the state are still recovering from Hurricane Lane, which is now a tropical storm. Hawai‘i residents spent several days holed up in their homes anticipating the hurricane’s arrival. As HPR’s Ku‘uwehi Hiraishi reports, some residents found a creative way to wait out the storm.

Crime and Social Media Vigilantism

Dec 20, 2017
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An emotional appeal to find suspects in the recent murder case of a North Shore woman led to two arrests thanks to social media posts. But can online calls to action go too far?

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Social Media Vigilantism; Local Net Neutrality; Fake News and Mainstream Media

Annette Elizabeth Allen for NPR

Representatives of Facebook, Twitter and Google are meeting with the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on Wednesday to discuss Russia's use of their platforms to spread disinformation. The panels are investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Bliss Lau/Jasmine Takanikos
Bliss Lau/Jasmine Takanikos

Today, everyone who uses social media is, in effect, creating an image and a brand; activities that used to be the domain of advertising agencies.  As new media platforms evolve, the old advertising models are falling away, reflecting personal and societal changes both in habits and attitudes. 

Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

    If the combination of new media and ancient thought appeals to you, you may be interested in a new job opportunity. One of China’s oldest Buddhist temples is looking for a social media director. HPR’s Bill Dorman has the details in today’s Asia Minute.