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The prime minister of Japan says his country is determined to host the Olympic Games next summer. The latest planning includes dozens of changes, but many residents remain skeptical.

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Japan has moved into a new phase of re-opening this week – including its largest city.

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A national study earlier this year found that Hawaii is one of the most dangerous states in the country for older pedestrians. Cars are the main concern, but bicyclists on sidewalks are another challenge. In one Asian city, lawmakers are considering forcing bicycle riders to buy liability insurance.

Yusuke Aonuma
Yusuke Aonuma

The Tokyo Midtown Award was created to encourage Japanese designers, artists, and people off the street to submit their bright ideas for potential recognition.  The idea is to show case uniquely “Japan Value”.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports, the 2018 Tokyo Midtown winner does bring a particular esthetic to the current show at UH Mānoa’s Art Department.

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If a morning commute is part of your work life, it’s probably not your favorite part of the day. But it definitely could be worse. In one Asian city, the government is stepping in to try to help — especially during the summer.

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If you lose something, there are a number of options to explore. Around the state, you can post information on Craig’s list, and other online sites. In Honolulu, you can check the police department—which collects items that people find.  But the lost and found operations in one Asian city are on another scale entirely. HPR’s Bill Dorman explains in today’s Asia Minute.