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Friday March 6 2015 - Charles Tolliver

Jackie McLean, "Plight," Action (Blue Note)

Charles Tolliver, "Household of Saud," Paper Man (Arista)

Charles Tolliver, "Peace with Myself," Paper Man (Arista)

Charles Tolliver & Music Inc., "The Ringer," The Ringer (Black Lion)

Charles Tolliver Music Inc., "Drought," Mosaic Select (Mosaic)

Charles Tolliver, "Truth," Grand Max (Black Lion)

Charles Tolliver, "On the Nile," Music Inc. & Big Band (Strata-East)

Charles Tolliver w/ Music Inc. & Orch., "Mother Wit," Impact (Strata-East)

Charles Tolliver, "Compassion," Compassion (Strata-East)

Charles Tolliver, "Toughin'," Live in Berlin at the Quasimodo, Vol. 2 (Strata-East)

Charles Tolliver Big Band, "Emperor March," Emperor March (Half Note)

Seth Markow has been playing piano since age 7, clarinet (now bass clarinet) since 9, and has been a dedicated jazz fan since he was 13. He has bachelor's and master's degrees in music composition, has played and studied African and Asian music, and is a longtime member of the Javanese orchestra Gamelan Kyai Gandrung. He has also played in jazz, blues, rock, reggae, and world beat bands, as well as various classical ensembles. A radio host since 1976 and a Hawaii resident since 1979, his jazz show The Real Deal began in 1983 and has been heard on HPR-2 since that stream went on the air in 1989.
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