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The Conversation: UH Medical School Body Donations; Local Seed Bank

Deborah Manog Dimaya/John A. Burns School of Medicine
An MD student teaches anatomy in person prior to the pandemic

UH medical school resumes Willed Body Program; Reality Check with Civil Beat: Hau‘ula assisted living facility; Lecture series about Queen Liliuokalani; Earth Day: Local seed bank's restoration efforts

UH medical school resumes Willed Body Program | Full Article

Credit John A. Burns School of Medicine

The pandemic forced the University of Hawaii’s medical school to pause its Willed Body Program. But it is back on track now. Program director Steven Labrash shared what’s involved in the decision to donate your body for science and how you can help teach future Hawaii’s doctors and surgeons. 

Steven Labrash, head of the Willed Body Program at the John A. Burns School of Medicine

Reality Check with Civil Beat: Hauula assisted living facility | Full Article

The state Department of Health has revoked the license of Dignity Senior Living at Oceanside Hawaii, informing the facility that it must shut down by the end of the month. Civil Beat reporter Eleni Avendaño told us about what will happen to the community and its residents.

Honolulu Civil Beat reporter Eleni Avendaño

Lecture series about Queen Liliuokalani | Series Link

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Archivist Ron William’s passion is Hawaiian history. He got his doctorate in the subject and is about to launch a series of six online lectures about Queen Liliuokalani. We talked to him recently about a pet project he hopes will get traction to honor the Queen. 

Ron Williams, archivist and host of lecture series about Queen Liliuokalani

Earth Day: Local seed bank's restoration efforts

Credit Hawaii Island Seed Bank
The Hawaii Island Seed Bank is housed at an off-grid facility in Kona, Hawaii.

As we mark Earth Day, in keeping with the theme of “Restore Our Earth,” we highlight efforts of a local seed bank. The Hawaii Island Seed Bank started in 2008 and it not only takes care of native seeds, but has expanded to include food crop seeds for local farmers. Jill Wagner is its program director and she works for Terraformation, a community resource for seed banking and reforestation. 

Jill Wagner of the Hawaii Island Seed Bank, and Terraformation


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