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The Conversation: Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

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Right of Entry for Kakaako Makai Park Land; Howard Hughes, Kakaako’s Newest Build; Bike Community Updates; Stopping Building Without Permits; Plant-based Diet Helps Reverse Chronic Disease

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Right of Entry for Kakaako Makai Park Land

Officials from the City and County of Honolulu finally have full access to state-owned parks in the Kakaako Makai neighborhood. Under a recent agreement between the City and the Hawaii Community Development Authority, city police officers and outreach workers can now enter Kakaako Water Front Park, Kaakako Gateway Park, and Kewalo Basin Park.

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Ross Sasamura, Marc Alexander

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Civil Beat Reality Check

Micronesia: It covers thousands of island in the Pacific but when it comes to the U.S. Census those tiny islands aren’t broken down and as a result, the picture is skewed.

Anita Hofschneider

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Howard Hughes, Kakaako’s Newest Build

As the city and state move to tackle the homeless problem in Kakaako, one of the largest landowners is preparing to launch a new high rise. The Howard Hughes Corporation has already sold 96 percent of its units in the three luxury high rises already completed.

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Todd Apo

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Bike Community Updates

It has been a long ride to get to the point where a cycling culture is growing on Oahu. The state is finally going out to bid for construction of a Leeward Oahu bike path after 30 years of inaction. The city is installing and integrating more bike lanes. The BIKI bike share program is expanding. And as fast as it developed, it could also fall apart.

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Chad Taniguchi

Credit Offut Air Force Base

Stopping Building Without Permits

A Honolulu City Council Committee takes up Bill 33-- an attempt to deal with scofflaws who continue to defy the city even after being ordered to stop work.

That’s what Brilliant Construction did on a Date Street on a parcel zoned for apartments.

Tyler Dos Santos

Credit Honolulu Media / Flickr

Plant-based Diet Helps Reverse Chronic Disease

Cancer research suggests a plant-based diet can help reverse chronic disease, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Sally Pechstein offers nutritional support to Maui’s cancer community.  She advocates a blend of conventional medical nutrition therapy and a complementary/alternative approach to wellness.

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Sally Pechstein

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