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The Conversation: Friday December 30th, 2016

AP/Carolyn Kaster

History of Japan-Hawaii Relations; Reaction to Homeless Mapping; After School Program for Adults

The History of Japan-Hawaii Relations: Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez

Credit Wikimedia Commons
There is a stark difference in mindset between the 50th and 75th anniversaries of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Last week’s news photographs of the American President and the Japanese Prime Minister at the Arizona Memorial, with the USS Missouri in the background, will stand as one enduring images of the kind of reconciliation between nations that was once thought impossible.   The Pacific War began at Pearl Harbor and ended on the deck of the Missouri, and historians at what is now the Valor in the Pacific National Monument have preserved its story in a manner that’s all too rare in historical accounts: by bringing together the memories and perspectives of both sides in the conflict. Daniel Martinez is the Chief Historian at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, and he’s with us to reflect on last week’s events.

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Extended Learning Program for Adults: Kimee Balmilero

Kimee Balmilero

Credit Kimee Balmilero
MidPacific Institute's has started a new series of adult education courses.

When you went to school, did you have the chance to take cool classes like bollywood dancing, hip hop, adult acting, cardio groove or comedy improv? Well, if you are a student at Mid Pacific Institute you can, especially if you are an adult and want to learn a bit more after class, maybe get some exercise and have a little fun while you are at it. Kimee Balmilero, local actress, dancer, and comedienne has started an extended learning program for adults designed to help everyone branch out of their comfort zone.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: PUC Conflict of Interest

Chad Blair

Credit Cory Lum/Civil Beat
Tom Gorak, left.

The former general counsel to the state Public Utilities Commission is under fire from two state lawmakers over alleged conflicts of interest -- an investigation that could short-circuit his nomination to the Commission.  Civil Beat’s Chad Blair has the rest of the story.    

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Reaction to Homeless Mapping in Hawaii Kai: Jennifer Stasch

Jennifer Stasch

Credit Pixabay

Hawaii Kai Representative Gene Ward’s map of homeless living in his district has roiled the waters around the issue… Yesterday on this program, he responded to the charge that his map encouraged vigilantism by saying that his map was intended to help the homeless get access to care. Is that all there is to it?   Partners in Care is a coalition of service providers, government representatives and community stakeholders with the goal of both ending and preventing homelessness on O’ahu, and its director, Jen Stasch, is with us this morning.

Outro Music: Sunshine (Knocks Remix) by POWERSFemaleComics of Hawaii: Brandi Morgan

Brandi Morgan

Credit Youtube

Have you ever told a story in front of a group of friends that had everyone laughing out loud? Would you be able to stand up in front of a crowd and be brave enough to share it? Well, Brandi Morgan does, as a proud member of the Female Comics of Hawaii. She’s found a home on the stage, and since laughter is the best medicine, we’re all better for it.

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