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The Conversation: Monday December 26th, 2016


The Conversation Staff Favorites from 2016

Digital Media’s Effect on the Election: Joshua Benton 

Joshua Benton

Credit Flickr - NS Newsflash
Traditional local and regional journalism outlets have been on the decline, with potentially far reaching implications.

In recent years, traditional journalism has been largely overtaken by digital media, and the number of journalists employed by newsrooms has dramatically fallen. That digital migration has allowed journalists to write from anywhere and be read everywhere.  as with any sea change, there are advantages and drawbacks. In November, Beth-Ann talked with Joshua Benton, Director of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University, about the new face of journalism today.

Intro Music: Roll Away the Stone by Leon Russell
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Southern Soul: Luther Dickinson & Anders Osborne

Luther Dickinson and Anders Osborne

Credit Youtube
Luther Dickinson, left, and Anders Osborne, right, have drawn musical inspiration from the heartland of Americana, southern soul and swamp rock.

America hasn’t always appreciated its roots music… but there’s a new appreciation these days of music that grew right out of the earth: the so-called Americana movement.    Luther Dickinson and Anders Osborne, two younger artists who have spent their lives at the junction of country music and the blues, are giving the people’s music new life. We spoke to them in June.

Intro Music: Shining (Spacedust) by Luther Dickinson and Anders Osbourne
Outro Music: Dyin Days by Luther Dickinson and Anders Osborne

The Future of Conservation: Sylvia Earle

Sylvia Earle

Credit Flickr - US Fish and Wildlife Service
Sylvia Earle on Midway Atoll

Doctor Sylvia Earle is a key player in the movement that has brought ocean conservation to where it is today. She is the author of more than 200 publications and has led more than 100 expeditions with over 7,000 hours underwater. Beth-Ann talked with her in September to ask here where the marine conservation effort today is headed.

Intro Music: Circadian Rhythms (Dusk) by Stop Light Observatory
Outro Music: Swim by Madonna

Local Lightsaber Academy Teaches the Jedi Arts: Keith Mylett 

Keith Mylett

Credit Facebook - Hawaii Saber Academy
The Hawaii Saber Academy combines fantasy, exercise and martial arts to help you live out your Jedi dreams.

One of the most entertaining stories of the past year for us was an October visit from Keith Mylett of the newly established Hawaii Light Saber Academy, who brought his lightsabers and their unique sound effects with him.

Outro Music: Star Wars Medley by Peter Hollens and Lindsey Sterling

Compiling the Stories of the Pacific: Simon Winchester

Simon Winchester

Credit Wikimedia Commons
'Pacific' weaves together historic and contemporary stories of the Pacific region, from surfboards to atom bombs.

New York Times Best Selling Author Simon Winchester sees the Pacific as a place where cultures clash, a place where there is challenge in the air as East collides with West. For him, as he crafted his new book “Pacific” the challenge was giving shape to an admittedly vast subject. He met it by choosing stories, from atom bomb tests and the Pueblo incident to the voyages of the Hokulea that combine to tell a greater story: one where, by the end, he finds signs of hope. Our conversation back in March began with reflections on how little people remember about the nuclear testing conducted in Pacific islands the 1950’s…

Intro Music: Pacific by Goldroom
Outro Music: Pacific Blue by Emily Zeck

Remembering Congressman Mark Takai

Mark Takai

Mark Takai died this year after a battle with cancer.

We lost Hawaii Congressman Mark Takai to pancreatic cancer in July of 2016. Beth-Ann spoke to him in February in the wake of a long-range missile test by North Korea that was represented to the world as only a satellite launch, and about the outlook for federal support of housing for veterans.

Outro Music: Wailua Falls by Jeff Peterson and Riley Lee

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