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The Conversation: Friday, November 4th, 2016

Vimeo - Ku Kanaku

Mental Health Problems for Military Spouses; Remembering Hawaiian Activist and Scholar Kanalu Young; A Modern Take on the Greek Classic Antigone

Mental Health Report on Military Spouses: Tony Chance

Tony Chance

Credit Pixabay
A new report shows that military spouses have much higher rates of substance abuse than their civilian peers.

Life for a military spouse isn’t easy and weathering deployments, frequent single parenthood and loneliness can take its toll. A new report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration compared the mental illness experiences and drinking habits of military wives age 18 to 49 with married women in general of the same age. The survey found am almost 10 percent higher incidence of mental health challenges and binge drinking among the military wives. Tony Chance is a retired Navy Senior Chief and now a social worker with Child and Family Service. He’s had a look at the report and joins us now.

See the report here:


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Poet Christy Passion

Christy Passion

Credit Christy Passion
Christy Passion

Poems are undervalued as chronicles of everyday life, and the things we see and hear around us, and frequently take for granted, can be woven into poetry by the careful observer.  Christy Passion’s poems are built on just that kind of detailed observation, which though its precision, invites us to look more closely at our world.   

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Get Out the Vote Efforts

Chad Blair

Credit Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat
A Trump supporter in Waikiki

Clinton and Trump supporters are making some noise in Hawaii, but is their get out to votes message making a difference or just making them feel better. Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has a reality check.

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https://vimeo.com/79338431" target="_blank">Documentary Ku Kanaka (Stand Tall): Marlene Booth

Marlene Booth

Credit Pacific Islanders in Communciations
Kanalu Young

Hawaiian scholar and activist Kanalu Young helped lead the Hawaiian Renaissance and later was a founding faculty member of the UH School of Hawaiian Studies. He became a paraplegic after a diving accident when he 15 - and although he died in 2008 at age 54, his life and legacy continue to inspire and guide a new generation. His story comes to Hawaii International Film Festival screens starting next week. Filmmaker Marlene Booth has both directed and produced the film and she is in our studio now.

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St. Andrew’s Production of Antigone Now: Claire Fallon

Claire Fallon

Credit Claire Fallon
Katie Course as Antigone and Krista Chang as Creon in Antigone Now

Classical Greek tragedies are at the root of so much of contemporary storytelling, conjuring up a picture of humans whose fate is ruled by fickle gods.   The Greeks explained life’s unpredictable nature by thinking of gods as prey to the same volatile emotions, and unpredictable actions, as the people they control.   Antigone Now, a contemporary adaptation of Sophocles’ play Antigone, brings an old story to a modern setting as it keeps its themes intact.    Claire Fallon is the Director of Theater, Elementary Music & Movement at St. Andrew's Schools.  The school’s student production of Antigone Now opens tonight.

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