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The Conversation: Thursday, November 3rd, 2016


Growing Teachers on Kauai; Affordable Housing on Hawaiian Homelands; Hawaii's Own Special Effects and Animation Studio

Affordable Housing Pilot on Kauai Hawaiian Homelands: Robin Danner

Robin Danner

Credit US Department of Interior
Terrace farm on Kauai

Being small has its advantages. When small comes in the form of a house, one of those advantages could be a place to all home. On Kauai, a bill to amend the County Code could allow multiple family units in all residential zoning districts could mean micro homes could sprout on already developed residential properties. The idea has the support of the Sovereign Councils of the Hawaiian Homeland Assembly. The group known as “shaw” for short has also produced a biennium budget for the department of Hawaiian Homelands and hopes the Governor and Legislature will consider their money-saving version. Robin Puanani Danner is the statewide elected chairman of the Sovereign Councils of the Hawaiian Homeland Assembly.

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Xanadu Animation Studio: Hunter Skeen

Hunter Skeen

Credit Xanadau Animation
Hunter Screen showing off some of Xanadu's work.

Animation, special effects, and computer-generated images used to be at the periphery of the TV and movie industry; now they’re at the very heart. These days filmmakers can create anything the imagination can devise, and make it look real. Xanadu Animation and Multimedia Studio is a Hawaii-based facility that specializes in contemporary movie magic, and its director of development, Hunter Skeen, is with us this morning. 

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Daycare Death

Chad Blair

Credit Civil Beat
Wiley was 4-months old when he died.

This is the reality check no parent every wants to experience: the death of an day care. A still open case that seems to be going nowhere has a set of parents continuing to look for answers after running into the woman who ran the now closed daycare. Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has the details.

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Growing Our Own Teachers on Kauai: Director Nancy Kanna

Nancy Kanna

Credit Garden Island
Andrea Bell is a science teacher on Kauai

Earlier we talked about Kauai looking to micro homes to grow more affordable housing. The garden island is also focusing on home-grown fixes to providing and retaining its teachers. A partnership between the University of Hawaii and the Rotary Club called Growing Our Own Teachers has been a vital link in stemming teacher vacancies on Kauai. At the start of the school year only a few of the 700 teacher positions had not been filled compared to the state as a whole where hundreds were left wanting. So if Kauai has gotten a handle on home grown teacher development, how can the rest of the state learn from their experience?  Nancy Kanna is one of the founding Board Members of the Growing Our Own Teachers on Kauai Foundation.

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Magician and Storyteller: Yasu Ishida 

Yasu Ishida

Credit Kahuku Library
Children are often better at understanding Yasu's tricks than are adults

Some magicians want to keep their audiences at a kind of worshipful distance: as remote, almost supernatural figures capable of feats that defy the imagination… Yasu Ishida takes a different approach; his goal is inspiring children, and his performances invite kids to draw closer, making them think they, too can make magic.  He’s on a tour of Hawaii libraries, and we spoke with him yesterday.

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