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The Conversation: Friday, October 28th, 2016


Gaps in Childcare Assistance; Hawaii Farm Bureau Convention; Saving Seabirds on Kauai

Takeaways from Hawaii Farm Bureau Convention: Brian Miyamoto

Brian Miyamoto

Credit Flickr - NASS Hawaii
Taro fields outside of Hanalei

Land, water, labor. For a Hawaii farmer,  that triad in balance can mean a successful business. Out of whack, and it could threaten the farm’s existence - and what local produce shows up in grocery stores, even with the Governor’s pledge to double food production by 2030. Add in the new Food Safety Modernization Act testing requirements and cost,  and how Hawaii farmers  - particularly small farmers can comply to bring produce from their farms to your meal gets a little less clear. These were some of the issues Hawaii Farm Bureau members had on their agenda at their 2016 convention. Executive director Brian Miyamoto joins us by phone with their key action items.    

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Marionette Puppet Master: Cindy Sydow 

Cindy Sydow

Credit Flickr - Loren Javier

No one knows just where, or when, puppetry was born, but it’s traceable back thousands of years, and crops up, in different versions, in cultures all over the world.   Cindy Sydow has made a lifelong study of the ways inanimate objects can be brought to life; she incorporates puppetry into her teaching at the Waldorf schools, she and her charges will be performing at tomorrow’s Waldorfaire, and she’s with us this morning. 

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Civil Beat Reality Check: OHA Race

Chad Blair

Credit Pixabay

There may not be many contests this election cycle marked by high contrast in the ideologies of the candidates. One place where it clearly shows up is the OHA race. Chad Blair has the reality check 

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Gaps in State Child Care Assistance: Deb Zysman  

Deb Zysman

Credit Flickr - Family MWR
The cost of child care and preschool can be prohibitively high for many families.

The biggest challenge parents of young children face is who will look after them. Daycare and preschool costs are huge ticket items for even middle class parents. That’s the finding of a report out this week from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Couple that with another report also out this week by the National Women’s Law Center, showing that there is less funding in child care assistance for low-income families today than in 2001 and the hurdle for most families gets higher.

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Kauai Endangered Seabirds Recovery Project: Andre Raine

Andre Raine

Credit Andre Raine
Newell's Shearwaters nest on the ground, making chicks vulnerable to predation.

We can only imagine what the seabird population was like in the Hawaiian Islands before the first human contact: large breeding colonies were found throughout the islands.  Now these remarkable birds are all too few.  The Kauai Endangered Seabirds Recovery Project focuses primarily on the three endangered seabirds found there: Newell’s Shearwater, the Hawaiian Petrel and the Band-Rumped Storm-Petrel.    It’s been a busy week for the project, and project coordinator Dr André F. Raine is on the line to bring us up to date.

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