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The Conversation: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


Addressing Abuses in Fishing Industry; Appalachia on Stage; Post-Election America; Farming as Therapy

Addressing Abuses in the Fishing Industry: Larry Geller

Larry Geller

The story of foreign fishermen confined to the boats which employ them while the boats are in port got a lot of press in the past six weeks, but it seems few solutions. Government agencies in Hawaii, including the department of land and natural resources which licenses the fishermen, were called together for a briefing for lawmakers last week. Advocates for the fishermen had also circulated a petition asking the DLNR to make its rules for the hiring process more transparent so the applicant - the fishermen- could actually understand them. The petition was denied last week. Meanwhile advocates, including Larry Geller of the online site Disappeared News, say they will continue to press for change.    

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Musical Theatre Tells the Story of Appalachia: Martha Redbone

Martha Redbone

Credit Martha Redbone
Martha Redbone's show 'Bone Hill' tells the story of a Cherokee family in Appalachia

For singer-songwriter Martha Redbone, music has always been a vehicle for self-discovery -- and her new production Bone Hill: The Concert, goes right to the heart of her identity as an American musical artist: a story of four generations of women in a Cherokee family living in the heart of Appalachia. The story comes from her own family… it’s told in a presentation that’s as much a theatrical performance as it is a concert.  She and her troupe of actor-musicians are bringing “Bone Hill” to Hawaii

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Senate Without Republicans?

Chad Blair

Credit Flickr
Hawaii's State Senate may lose its last Republican Senator this year

Could Hawaii soon be the only state in the nation with a Democrats-only state senate? If Republican Sam Slom loses to Democratic challenger and former Honolulu city council member Stanley Chang, that’s just what Hawaii will have.... Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has a reality check.

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Post-Election America: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

Governing may be a challenge for the country's new President with Congress entrenched along party lines

It’s exactly two weeks to Election Day…most polls give Hillary Clinton a landslide leads in the Electoral College. Meanwhile, Donald Trump insists he's still on track to win. Increasingly more Republicans are setting their sights down the ballot, on the races to control the House, the Senate and state houses, the big question for both parties is what happens after November 8th -  a President Clinton's ability to govern and the future of a deeply divided Republican Party.

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Farming Therapy: Maria Leon

Maria Leon

Credit Maria Leon
The Maui Farm uses the act of farming to help victims of abuse and teach skills to farming enthusiasts

The Maui Farm, in Makawao, Maui, is built on the premise that we can be enriched, and even healed, by working on the land -- learning to grow the foods that sustain us, learning how to work cooperatively, and passing along our knowledge to those who come along after us.   Maria Leon is The Maui Farm’s Farm Based-Program Coordinator, and she’s with us by phone from there.

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