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The Conversation: Friday, October 21st, 2016

Wikimedia Commons

Hawaii Power Ballot Makes Voting Easy; Jedi Academy in Honolulu; Learning  to Create Special Effects

Hawaii Power Ballot and Charter Amendment 19: Corie Tanida

Corie Tanida

Credit Flickr - Ryan Ozawa
Hawaii Power Ballot uses your address to consolidate all your local, state and national election day decisions in one place.

All through this election cycle, the presidential race has fueled much of the political activity around the nation.  For Hawaii, that’s left many local races trying to compete for voters’ interest. Common Cause Hawaii would like to remind us that’s especially dangerous this year with state Constitution and Honolulu Charter questions on the ballot, plus some contentious contests for legislative seats. To make it easier to understand the what and the who, Common Cause Hawaii has just released its Power Ballot. Executive Director Corie Tanida joins us now to walk us through it.   

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Lightsaber Academy: Keith Mylett

Keith Mylett

Credit Facebook - Hawaii Saber Academy
The Hawaii Saber Academy combines fantasy, exercise and martial arts to help you live out your Jedi dreams.

Kids have been dueling with imaginary swords since forever, so the popularity of the “Star Wars” lightsaber, an imaginary sword you can see, is understandable -- and it’s a great way to teach the ancients arts of swordsmanship-- which require balance, strength, and superior hand-eye coordination.   Keith Mylett is the founder and proprietor of the Hawaii Saber Academy, the first of its kind in Hawaii.  

Outro Music: Star Wars Medley by Peter Hollens and Lindsey Sterling

Civil Beat Reality Check: Voters Take On Police Reform

Chad Blair

When Oahu voters were asked whether the Honolulu Police Commission should be given greater authority to suspend or dismiss the chief of police and to investigate police misconduct. What do you think they said? Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has a reality check from their new poll.

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Special Effects and Lifecasting: Kamakani De Dely

Kamakani De Dely

Credit Facebook - Oncefound
OnceFound FX is Hawaii's first proprietor special effects products and make up for film, stage and live performance art.

Lifecasting is a little-known craft to most of us, but it’s well known to special effects and makeup artists.   It’s a way to accurately duplicate, or even exaggerate, the shapes of the human body -- and we can expect to see some of its results, in our FX-crazed culture, this Halloween. Kamakani De Dely is the proprietor of OnceFound FX, Hawaii's first special effects and make-up supply store, and he’s on the line to tell us how it’s done

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