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The Conversation: Friday, September 30th, 2016

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Warning Signs in the Construction Cycle; Pioneering Wave Energy in Kaneohe; Mexican Consul General Comes to Hawaii

UHERO Construction Forecast: Building Cycle Approaches Peak: Carl Bonham

Carl Bonham

Credit Wikimedia Commons
Construction cranes

If you walk around parts of Hawaii, it’s clear many neighborhoods are changing. One of most pronounced areas is Honolulu- with buildings rising in the skyline that weren’t there not that long ago. The construction industry has been doing well and still has a little head room before an inevitable drop off. That’s the big message in the report out today from the UH Economic Research Organization. UHERO director Carl Bonham is back today to look at the details..

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Hawaii’s first Music and Multimedia Academy + 4-in-1 Solar Powered Mobile Studio: Keola Nakanishi

Keola Nakanishi

Credit Noe Tanigawa
Meleana is Mana Mele's new solar powered, mobile recording studio

We live in a multimedia age, one in which young students are often more thoroughly versed in the language of communication than their teachers. It’s a world that has left print far behind, which is why the Mana Mele project offers students in participating charter schools the opportunity to work in a 4-in-1 Mobile Studio powered by solar energy. We asked project director Keloa Nakanishi what the “four-in-one” refers to

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Arbitration

Chad Blair

Credit Pixabay

On one hand, arbitration agreements can help minimize unnecessary lawsuits but on the other, they could hinder a fair outcome for those who feel wronged. For care home residents, signing an arbitration agreement could do more than disadvantage. Civil beat reporter Chad Blair joins us now with a game changer for care home patients.

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Mr. Gemi José González López, the Consul General of Mexico 

Credit Emma Forsberg

This election cycle more than others in the past, the relationship between the US and Mexico has taken center stage. As Americans have heard rhetoric about building a wall, arguments over immigration policy, trade and the rise of drug traffic, there seems to be much about Mexico that Americans don’t know. Today, the Consul General of Mexico from the San Francisco office, Gemi José González is in Honolulu to share a little of that information with students at St Andrews Schools. This is his first visit to Hawai?i in his official capacity. While visiting our state, Consul General González will meet with city, state and congressional representatives on O?ahu and the Big Island.

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Wave energy test site in Kaneohe: Patrick Cross, Specialist at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute

Credit Wikipedia
Prototype of "Azura", a wave energy generator, at the U.S. Navy Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) in Kaneohe Bay

No one who lives in Hawaii needs to be reminded of the power of ocean waves, and we’ve been hearing about their potential as an alternative energy source for years. But they have yet to be harnessed on the kind of scale that would make them an effective source of electricity. That’s changing, though, in part because of the research being done in Kaneohe Bay at the Hawai‘i Wave Energy Test Site, or WETS. Patrick Cross coordinates research at the site and he joins us this morning.

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