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The Conversation: Tuesday, September 20th, 2016


Meat and Climate Change; Migratory Bird Treaty: 100 Years Later; City & County Considers Eminent Domain in Kaka’ako.

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Climate Change Documentary "Cowspiracy": Keegan Kuhn

Keegan Kuhn

Credit Wikipedia
Cattle pasture outside Waimea

Defenders of the environment pride themselves on their opposition to the industries and individuals that poison the planet -- but is there one that’s just too big to take on?  that’s the troubling idea advanced in the documentary “Cowspiracy,” whose co-director, Keegan Kuhn, is on the line with us now.

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Hawaii’s Woodshow 2016: Juror/Artist Duane Preble

Duane Preble

Credit Duane Preble
A piece by Duane Preble

I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree-- But if the poem is not that good? Behold what artists do with wood. Hawaii’s Woodshow-- Na La‘au o Hawai‘i is the Hawai‘i Forest Industry Association’s (HFIA) annual juried woodworking show, and it's on through October 2, 2016  at the Honolulu Museum of Art School Gallery at Linekona. UH Professor Emeritus, author, teacher, artist and Woodshow Judge Duane Preble joins us in studio this morning

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Treatment of Fishing Crew

Patti Epler

Credit Wikipedia

A controversy that has simmered for years over the treatment of crew members aboard international fishing vessels has come home to Hawaii, forcing the local industry to address a worldwide human rights issue -- and a direct threat to its viability. Civil Beat Editor Patti Epler looks at the Hawaii Longline Association’s response.

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City Council to Consider Condemning Kakaako Roadways: Rep Scott Saiki

Scott Saiki

Credit Wikipedia
A view of Kaka'ako Makai

Land in Kakaako is at a premium -- more these days than ever -- and a longstanding issue over who owns what, in a section of streets that a local business says it owns, is coming to a head.  The City Council is voting today on an effort to reclaim the land parcel through eminent domain. It’s in Representative Scott Saiki’s district; he’s part of a task force that has been working to resolve the dispute.

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Migratory Bird Treaty and Centennial: Nanette Seto

Nanette Seto

Credit Flickr
An 'alae 'ula, endemic to Hawaii

The Migratory Bird Treaty was signed on August 16th, one hundred years ago. So how have our peripatetic avian friends fared in the past century, and what lies ahead for them in the next? Our next guest joined the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 1991, working in Honolulu and remote islands including Midway Atoll. She’s spent the last quarter century in bird conservation, spanning all levels of the Service, from the Hawaii to Washington, D.C. and is currently Chief of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Pacific Region Migratory Birds and Habitat Program based out of Portland, Oregon, from where she joins us by phone.

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