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The Conversation: Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

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First Nations and Conservation; Life on Mars; Skirting Affordable Housing Regulations; Neal Conan

Generational world heritage through First Nation’s Perspective and How it Links to Hawai'i:  Sophia Rabliauskas

Sophia Rabliauskas

Credit Wikipedia
Poplar River during icemelt outside Manitoba, Canada

  As the World Conservation Congress shifts gears this week, we continue to talk with people from around the world confronting many of the same or similar issues as face Hawaii. Today we look at a First People’s response to preserving areas of cultural and environmental significance; and in particular an area where activists are trying to get over 33 thousand kilometers of boreal forest and traditional territory of several First Nations acknowledged as a World Heritage site. That didn’t happen this summer but the activists including Sophia Rabliauskas continue  to press for the designation for PimachiowinAki -  Sophia Rabliauskas is a member of the Poplar River First Nation in Manitoba, Canada.

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Life on Mars?: NASA HI-SEAS IV Crewmember Tristan Bassingthwaighte

Tristan Bassingthwaighte

A HI-SEAS IV crewmember on Mauna Loa

  Tristan Bassingthwaighte is currently a doctor of architecture candidate at UH M?noa. He is completing his master’s degree in architecture from Tongji University in Shanghai, where he studied abroad for a year looking at human habitation in extreme environments. His doctoral work will involve designing a next generation conceptual Mars habitat, with research focusing on social, psychological, and health impacts of long duration isolation on another world.

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A Not So Affordable Housing Project in Honolulu: Gavin Thornton

Gavin Thornton

Credit Flickr - jdnx
Construction cranes over Keahou Place

Hawaii’s housing shortage is a perennial issue, one that transit-oriented development is supposed to help solve. But a Honolulu City Council resolution that would allow a 36 story condominium hotel in the Hawaii Convention Center neighborhood has some community leaders wondering who exactly the project will serve. The resolution is on tomorrow’s agenda and would allow several trade-offs, including the payment of a 2 point 4 million in lieu fee to satisfy the affordable housing requirement...and that’s part of what’s wrong with Resolution 16-172 according to Gavin Thornton of the Hawaii Appleseed Center.

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

Credit Wikipedia
The G20 Summit brought together world leaders in China

  Two stories that have been under reported, even with the media saturation of the Presidential race...President Obama meets with the leaders of China, Russia and Turkey, but skips the Philippines, an ominous election in Germany, and new regulations on one of the Big Island’s major tourist attractions. Just some of what’s percolating through the mind of News Analyst Neal Conan joins us from his Mac nut farm on the big Island.

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#NatureForAll Live Check-In: Chloe Dragon Smith

Chloe Dragon Smith

The high level meetings of the World Conservation Congress are now over, the gathering of IUCN members continues throughout this week...and as we have been doing since the congress began, we’re checking in at the hashtag nature for all pavilion. Today Chloe Dragon Smith who works with Canadian parks joins us

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