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The Conversation: Friday, August 5th, 2016


OHA’s Response to Kelii Akina’s CB editorial; HMH’s Production, Two Gentlemen of Verona; Kauai Primary Elections; Comedy Workshop

 OHA’s Response to Kelii Akina’s CB editorial: Robert Lindsey

Robert Lindsey

Credit recreation

According to the annual report for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, its funds total six hundred twenty two million dollars. How some of it is spent and the policies behind the expenses came under fire earlier this week in opinion piece by Grassroot Institute president, Keli’iAkina, a candidate for the agency’s board. In it OHA is said to be wasteful, concerned with its own money making and not transparent. The piece was also answered today in a response from OHA chair Robert Lindsey who joins us.

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HMH’s Production, Two Gentlemen of Verona: Brandon DiPaola

Brandon DiPaola

Credit Brandon DiPaola

William Shakespeare is seen as such a weighty artist, it can be easy to forget that he was, before anything else, an entertainer. Much of his popularity, in his day, came from his ability to write light and witty comedies, with plots that were just confusing enough to stay a step ahead of the audience, poking fun at wayward young lovers and inviting the audience to laugh at how foolish we all can be. His comedy skills were on display in the play believed to have been his very first: Two Gentlemen of Verona. Brandon diPaola is Valentine in the Hawaii Mission Houses production, and he’s with us this morning.

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Kauai Primary Elections: Jan TenBruggencate

Jan TenBruggencate

Credit Civilbeat

A week from tomorrow, Hawaii holds its primary election... mail and walk in voting have already been happening- August 11th is the last day to walk in to vote and after tomorrow you won’t be able to request a mail in ballot. Over the last weeks, we’ve looked at key races island to island and today we finish with a focus on Kauai. Former Honolulu Advertiser reporter Jan TenBruggencate covered Kauai County for many years. He writes a science blog now and is now a communications consultant...and he joins us from his office on Kauai with his take on the races in his County.

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Comedy Workshop: Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald

Credit catscradle
Kevin McDonald

Sketch comedy has crept into our cultural language in recent decades, thanks to innovators like the Chicago’s Second City, Saturday Night Live, Monty Python, and the Canadian troupe Kids in the Hall… Its ideas often come through a kind of free association, when the performers themselves improvise situations and dialogue, without knowing where they’re going to end up. Kevin McDonald of Kids and the Hall, who’s leading a sketch comedy workshop tomorrow, took us through the process when we got a chance to talk yesterday.

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