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The Conversation: Monday, July 19th, 2016

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Red Flags in the Housing Market; Archeology Discovery on Kauai; Neal Conan; What a Kaua‘i Author Learned Living on an Island

Warning Signs in the Housing Market– Daren Blomquist

Daren Blomquist

Credit Wikipedia

In the nine years since the great recession, many analysts have said the biggest failure was not paying attention to what was happening in the housing sector. You remember- the slicing and dicing of subprime mortgages, the credit swaps and other derivatives. While those products have gone away,  the concern over how much third party buyers are taking a chunk from the housing market is again becoming an issue according to Daren Blomquist, senior vice  president of Realty Trac. We talked ealier and I asked about the warning signs he sees on the mainland and how they compare to Hawaii’s data.

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Dr. Jennifer Kahn Ancient Miloli’i, Napali, Kauai

Jennifer Kahn

Credit Wikipedia
Napali Coast, Kaua'i

Archeologists who delve into the time before so-called “recorded history” must operate with whatever clues they can find -- and even small amounts of evidence can tell us a great deal. Dr. Jennifer Kahn and her team have been studying a 750 year-old settlement in Miloli’i on Kauai’s Napali Coast, learning as they go about the resourcefulness of a population that chose to live on a remote part of the island.

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

Credit Youtube

The first day of the Republican Convention began with fratricide and ended with plagiarism ...in between, speakers painted a dark picture of an America under attack from forces within and outside; then there’s Turkey...a country, where such forces are very real, purges of the military and police continue after an attempted coup...and, after last week's court ruling in favor of the Philippines, the world waits for the other shoe to drop in the South China Sea.

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10 Things I Learned Living On An Island

Jason Blake

Credit Facebook - 10 Things I Learned Living On An Island

  The idea of living on a remote island is an element of people’s fantasies all over the world — based on some vague notion of the ways it will change us.      Jason Blake is a writer and longtime Kauai resident who acted on his fantasy when he moved to the Garden Isle and then made an effort to define just how it had changed him. His book is 10 Things I Learned Living On An Island, and he’s on the phone with us this morning.

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