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The Conversation: Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Hawaii Polo Club

Honolulu Ethics Commission; Polo in Hawaii; A Hawai‘i Expat’s Take on BREXIT; Wahine Week

Shed Light State of Ethics in HI: Colin Moore

Colin Moore

It’s been just about a week since the contentious relationship between the City and the Honolulu Ethics Commission brought the resignation of the commission’s director Chuck Totto. At the heart of the kerfuffle between the two is the question of just how much autonomy the Commission has. The City Commission is derived from the State’s, and Article 14 of the Hawaii State Constitution says Ethic s commissioners shall be selected in a manner which assures their independence and impartiality. To get some clarity about how that fits with the political influence that appears to have been exerted at the City level, UH Public Policy Center Director Colin Moore joins us now.

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Hawaii Polo: Paulo Skellon

Paulo Skellon

Credit Hawaii Polo Club

  Few of us can know the thrill of thundering along on a well-trained horse in a polo match, mallet in hand, working to keep track of the ball, three team-mates, and four opponents, all bent on getting that little white ball into the goal. The game of kings really gets its hooks into those who play it, and Paulo Skellon of the Hawaii Polo Club is here to tell us how it feels.

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BREXIT, Ex-Pat’s Take on the Pros and Cons: Ian Capps

Ian Capps

Credit Public Domain Pictures

  In Britain it’s already evening and many families are no doubt talking about the BREXIT vote scheduled for Thursday. We wondered how some expats in Hawaii were assessing the situation and called HPR’s host of Early Muse, Ian Capps.  In his former life, he was an editor and executive for Reuters and other global news organizations and he recently spent a month in the UK and France. Although he does not have a vote in Thursday’s referendum, he has been watching it closely and joins us now.

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Wahine Week: Caron Barrett

Caron Barrett

Credit Caron Barrett

  Events organized by women, and directed at a female audience, have a special purpose: to challenge the expectations that seem to go with gender, and show what some determined female energy can do. Guitarist Caron Barrett and vocalist Deborah Vial have put years of energy into Wahine Week Maui, a celebration of art and culture with a message. We talked about it with Caron yesterday.

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