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The Conversation: Friday, June 10th, 2016

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Environmental Issues on Maui; Benny Rietveld and Alicyn Yaffee; Remodeling Maui Wrap Up; Bridge of Peace Festival

Environmental issues on Maui: Albert Perez

Albert Perez

Credit Maui Tomorrow

We’ve spent this week considering how Maui is being remodeled- by its ever-growing, often transplanted population and the visitor industry - and the claims of each on land and infrastructure. The natural tension between offering what many residents and visitors want and conserving the place they enjoy particularly shows up in the environment. For almost 20 years Maui Tomorrow Foundation has worked in partnership with other community organizations to focus on quality of life. In March, the group published a report on Maui’s farming future on the heels of the announced closure of H C & S and the end of sugar. Albert Perez is the Executive Director of Maui Tomorrow and is on the line now.

Intro Music: Rosalee by Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Outro Music: Skin On the Cacao by M. Walking On the Water

Doris Duke Concert: Benny Rietveld & Alicyn Yaffee

Benny Rietveld and Alycin Yaffee

Credit Honolulu Museum of Art
Benny Rietveld

  You have to surrender a part of yourself in order to free yourself, and that’s not always easy.  It’s our nature to hang on to the things we have acquired, the things that matter to us, the things we are attached to – and that need to hang on can imprison us.   Musician Benny Rietveld has made “the Art of Letting Go” the theme of his concert tomorrow evening at the Honolulu Museum of Art’s Doris Duke Theater because, as he says, “When we let go of everything, we gain everything.”  Benny and AlicynYaffee, his special guest for the concert, are with us in our studio.

Intro Music: Ayejaye by Bill Ortiz, John Seppala, John Smith, Benny Reitveld

Outro Music: A Journey Home by Benny Reitveld

Maui Series Wrap-up: Dick Mayer

Dick Mayer

Credit Dick Mayer
Dick Mayer

  This week we’ve focused on how Maui is coping with change - and in many sectors, driving it. The snapshot of we’ve seen is part of a continuum of real life for Maui resident and former economics and geography professor, Dick Mayer. For much of his 49 years on Maui, he has helped to plan its future, and he will be the first to say things have not exactly gone as plan. We thought we’d give him the last word - Dick Mayer ...welcome back to the program.

Intro Music: Nitrogen by Michael Brook

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The Bridge of Peace Festival: Nicole Sakurai

Nicole Sakurai

Credit kauaifestivals.com

Japanese people know the cost of war; their country has seen war from the perspective of both the victor and the vanquished.   The upcoming Bridge of Peace Festival in Lihue, Kauai is a broad-based celebration of Japanese culture that asks us to rededicate ourselves to the cost of peace -- and to keep the memory of Hiroshima alive. Nicole Sakurai of the Happiness Planting Center is on the line to tell us more.

Intro Music: Song and Dance Man by Jason Collett

Outro Music: Heiwa by Hiroshima

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