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The Conversation: Thursday, April 28th, 2016

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Low Income Rental Tax Credit; Everything is Not As It Seems; Behavioral Analysis in the Classroom; Original Dance Extravaganza from Kaua'i 

Updating Low Income Renters Housing Credit, HB 2166: Victor Geminiani

Victor Geminiani

Advocates for more help for low income renters tried again this year to increase the housing credit. And up until the ten days ago that looked pretty good. But following the appointment of conferees to duke out the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill, nothing happened. No conference committee hearing was scheduled and now time is running out. Final decking ends tomorrow. Victor Geminiani is one of 11 nonprofit leaders and advocates supporting the bill and who wrote to lawmakers earlier this week asking for HB2166 to be scheduled.

Intro Music: Awe by Citizen Cope

City’s 2nd Master Plan Meeting, Ala Moana Regional Park: Chris Dacus

Christopher Dacus

Credit Wikipedia
View of Magic Island, part of Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu

Now while affordable rentals may be scarce, there is one place open to all to enjoy: Ala Moana park. It’s getting a makeover to make it more attractive to the needs of the people who use it - and who might use it. Tonight the City Department of Parks and Recreation is holding an open house to detail the master plan for the park as now envisioned and to get public feedback. Chris Dacus is the Ala Moana Project Manager.

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Everything Is Not As It Seems: Marissa Eshima

Marissa Eshima

Credit Marissa Eshima

  So many of the messages we get are intended to deceive us; we come to expect to be fed a diet of everything from exaggerations to outright lies. Marissa Eshima is an artist and printmaker whose new show asks us to think about how we are affected by living in a world where everything is not as it seems.

Intro Music: Modern Ruins by Violet Sands

Outro Music: Hang Me Out To Dry by Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

SB1311-Exempts Teachers From Additional Behavioral Analysis Certification: Kristen Koba-Burdt

Kristen Koba-Burdt

Most parents want to know their kids are in qualified educational hands. But does qualified mean licensed when it comes to workers who provide specified services - especially applied behavior analysis -for kids with autism in public schools? That’s part of the question a bill in conference today hopes to answer. There is voluminous testimony - well over 400 pages and already the bill has undergone three revisions since the original. Some of the input came from the Hawaii Association for Behavior Analysis which offered comments on the bill. Kristen Koba-Burd is president of the Hawaii Association for Behavior Analysis. She’s on the line now.

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MoKan NoKan World Inner Motion Road Show/Dance Extravaganza: Jennifer Bell-Grey

Jennifer Bell-Grey

Credit Jennifer Bell-Grey
Annabelle Fields and Alana Sharp in the Mokan Nokan Show

Jennifer Bell-Grey and her students at the Kauai Dance Center are taking an ambitious leap forward with their latest show -- as if shepherding 80 young dancers onto a stage for an evening’s worth of performances weren’t enough, Jennifer and her changes have put together an all-original show called MoKanNoKan World Inner Motion Road Show and Dance Extravaganza.

Intro Music: Cool Kids (Instrumental) by Steve Petrunak

Outro Music: Opener from World Inner Motion 2014

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